Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Bless me father for I have sinned, it has been two weeks since my last post... 
I could not resist, I just started reading AC Grayling, The Good Book... along with a secular Buddhist book....

Anyways, the first thing I realized that Buddhism teaches patience in a big way, but never bothers to state that. Secondly, with the habit of reflecting AM and PM... where have we heard that before? Buddhism, as practiced by Buddha was primarily a well organized philosophy, his followers converted it into a religion.

Buddhism teaches truth is a virtue, but never bothers to define that word, or what that really means. Casting about for a definition, like I was casting to hook a swamp shark, I fine little as a clear definition.  In accordance with fact or reality... ok.

So I set about to find a heavy duty definition of truth. Well we can eliminate anything that can be demonstrated to be untrue, or that doubt can be raised. That eliminated a great deal. Secondly, we must believe that it is true. We must be able to justify the truth, belief is not enough. It must be believed by others to be true....untrue. What others believe may be in fact untrue, just traditional or folk wisdom, but it may also be true.  So to recap, not demonstrably untrue, believed true, justifiable.  

So it is not about truth exactly, but what they believe to be true mostly. So a belief in any specific god is untrue, as there are many specific gods, which makes a true god demonstrable untrue to some. 

So what does this all have to do with not eating. We all need something to keep our minds and bodies busy. Expanding our minds is part of a full and flourishing life.  This same argument can be made against any diet that speaks of optimum diet. Without summing over a lifetime, there is no way of figuring an optimum, so these are false claims. There can therefore be no best. There are areas where people did tend to live longer, but some of that is in genes, and some is in memes. 

There is no doubt that I feel better on a Paleoish diet, without grains and sugars, but I am unable to say it is "better" for everyone. I also know I feel hunger at a "no weight gain, weight maintenance" level of intake. That is a problem for me, long term.

But what do I know?




Tuesday, January 19, 2016


We all live lifestyles. If we have a problem, food, smoke, drugs, gambling, etc, it is easy to say it is is lifestyle choice. It is. But that statement is of no value in changing the impact of the problem. We have no choice with respect to the problem, we are just unable to make that change, and likely we and you do not know why.

We all know the solution to obesity is to quit overeating. That is obvious. It is the doing that is not easy. We have been trained to eat, have a compulsion to eat, a natural over-driven desire to eat. We are not normal people. We need to identify and change what ever the things are that are driving us to eat. There is the problem.

All those who say stop eating, change your lifestyle, are just missing the problem and a ignorant of the real problem. Many people are driven by high (excess) insulin to eat, but not all. Excess cortisol also causes the same problem. Excess adrenalin similar issue. Some have physical issues, psychological issues, philosophical issues, environmental issues, social issues, or the like. So what do we need to change?

The only solution is to examine one issue at a time until we find what fixes the problem, and then make the lifestyle change. Without knowing what the problem is, each lifestyle change only adds more failure to the problem.

The first step in our recovery may be to accept who we are and our limitations, not try to change ourselves to something we are not. We may need to stop listening to others and become a hermit. Now there is a life style change.

But what do I know? 

Friday, January 15, 2016


Sharma post reminded me of a story..

why do they with great unanimity recommend vices to us?

The devil was chatting to a alcoholic. You can go to heaven today, or you can party tonight and go to heaven tomorrow. The alcoholic, of course, partied. The next day, the devil gave the alcoholic the same choice again....

So the diet should start now, not tomorrow. It should be only a maximum of three meals each day. To do more creates a devil made me do it attitude. Society says it is OK to eat more often, and what has that done for us? The obesity epidemic.

It is crucial that we have a urgency to do it, and a eager want to do it.  Combine that with low impulse control, and the devil made me do it, and the problem is worse.

Then there is that feeling of deprivation that some people report at not being to eat chocolate or some other item. That means that they never made the decision to give up chocolate or some other item. It is this unclear decision that causes deprivation feeling. To be successful on any diet one must make a decision to give up, for ever, some foods like chocolate, sugar, grains, dairy products. If one does not, the weight will come back.

It is like eating wonderful tasting dose dependent poisons. You get away eating small portions of the poison, and even occasional more, but you never feel good. But you like the taste, and the way it goes down, the early effect, but not the long term effects... Food addiction is real.

So go have a donut and start your diet tomorrow is bull, start your diet now, and good luck.

But that is not what the government diet wise program says. Oh well, what do I know?

Friday, January 8, 2016

Self Evaluation... to understand the cause of overeating.

The purpose of self evaluation is to understand the causes of overeating with the idea of removing the causes. As I have said before, there about six groups of causes; food knowledge, physical drives, environment, social drives, maladaptive eating behaviors, and food addictions. Five of the six can only be addressed by doing something that is not natural for us to do, that is not eat when the craving, desire, natural urge arises. We need to do this consistently long term. It is no wonder that most of us fail long term.

The first we need to give up are the foods that cause a craving for more, those that digest into opioid peptides, and drive food addiction. Dairy products and grains are the first to need to go. Food addiction is real for some of us.

Now we find that habit does not have a cause, we do it because we were trained to do it. We simply need to retrain ourselves or of that habit, if our problem is habit.


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What is Canada's most pressing problem?

There are many possibilities. Over-population, The economy, religious differences, ethnically based problems (native v. population), unemployment, poor education, poor truth testing of the young, the disconnect between the governments and the people after election, ... terrorism... the list continues.

I think that it is none of the above, but rather the approach of unsustainable government spending producing a collapse of public support for social spending, big infrastructure, and the like high flying spending.

South of Edmonton there is a new 250 million interchange for a road that does not yet have much traffic on it. What was needed was three overpasses, and a some on and off ramps, perhaps 50 million, not as nice but functional for as much traffic. The new overpass is really nice, and in 20 or 30 years may have considerable traffic, but it is far more than will be needed given the oil price.

We see the City of Edmonton executive ignoring an engineering study and then directing the engineers to change the location of LRT (light rail transit), which creates a automobile nightmare in a portion of Edmonton.

I was forced to go into down town one day, and caught the LRT. On the way back, the signaling was working incorrectly, so I caught the wrong train back. I was treated to a 40 minute tour of the City. I had not realized how many tent encampments there were in Edmonton. Oh well. There was a story in the news the other day that 63% are one paycheck away from the streets. Lest we forget the 105000 homeless where 2800 are vets, and 4.5% of the population, natives, that want new houses.

We have now a federal government that wants to fix all the problems by spending. New water treatment for all the native communities, and then they will need sewer treatment, roads, housing, etc where there is no work save that which the government provides. There are no trade people on the reserves, all the trades work must come from outside. All construction requires 24/7 security, as does the equipment. There are no hotels, so camps must be set up for construction personnel. Everything must come in and then go back out. The cost doubles at least. Then there is truth and reconciliation recommendations.

The provincial government wants to shut down cheap coal power in favor of twice as expensive natural gas. It is good for the economy Notley says. It is not good for the home owner, any businesses except the electricity business. They are guaranteed profits. Oil Sands are being encouraged; these produce more Co2 per gig-joule that coal, but oh well.

All this leads me to think that one of the problem which will bring down our civilization is likely to be over taxation ... reckless spending of government, but what do I know? 


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year, New Direction

It is time for a change. What will that change be? I do not know, but I know that it is time for a change.

I miss some aspects of working, (retired) but not the work. The social aspect, but I do not miss some of those people. Archery is OK, as are some of the people, but others are idiots, children, children in adult bodies, and noisy teens, and a few humans sprinkled in. I must accept all; that is trying some days. At other times the range is empty, except for me. But twice each week for an hour or so is enough.

In the Smart Recovery Handbook, there is a Life Balance Exercise. That is essentially divide your life up into a number of small portions and look at each portion separately. An inventory of self actions, likes, dislikes, limitations, and the like. Some of us suffer from short memory and uninterested is some portions. This shows up elsewhere under a variety of names like "circle of life".  A short look and I realized these are all different, confused, and incomplete.

I suggest that there are a number of categories and sub-categories, that vary over time. Here is a start of the mains:

  • Relationships
  • Environmental
  • Physical health
  • Mental Health
  • Finance 
  • Purpose 
To these we need to add some processes like: education, study, working on, learning about, social activities, sports, time management, decision making, handling of the opportunity costs of decisions, etc.

Relationships: can be broken down into: family, parents, children, wife, spouse, friends,  friend A, B, C.... , coworkers A, B, C .... , colleagues, critics, mentors for A, B, C etc.

Environment: is a potentially big group, and may include property, place, time, stuff, things, as well as environment per say.

Physical health: would include sleep, exercise, nutrition, food plan, diet, our outlook on physical risk, activities, recreation and leisure, artistic endeavors, and the like.

Mental health: would include spirituality, our belief system, desires, aversions, stress handling, or stress avoidance, stress detachment, examination and cleaning of our belief system, recreation and leisure, artistic endeavors again, etc.

Finance: career, work, advancement education, accumulation of wealth, retirement...

Purpose: Motivation, direction, forward looking, Positive Psychology, Stoicism, Non-theistic or evolutionist, truth seeking, nature accepting, service, volunteerism, politics, religion, faith, peace seeking, what ever makes us tic...etc.

And then there is the difficulty of doing it all. What do we do with aunts or friends that are insistent food pushers, and expect us to sit there in front of food? And all the time we know we cannot eat, yet the sight of food primes us to eat?  

Now all I need to do is to go do it. But then, what do I know?

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas to All...

I wish you all a happy Christmas. I for my part do not celebrate it as a religion, but as a tradition of the people; I go along, but make no effort beyond my normal self, atheistic self.

Religions can propagate wrong ideas, dangerous ideas. They, on the whole, do not teach separation of fact and fanatics, or the use of reason. There is no martyrdom, just death. When you are dead, you are dead; that is, no after life. It is as if we never were, save that which we leave behind in others. Wealth, fame, power have little lasting value. Living right with virtue has value in teaching those who follow, but also will soon find that they do follow to the pyre. Oh well, that is life.

It is those fanatics that cause problems, people who have lost all reason. We are all here to help others and ourselves to flourish as a species, not force a belief system on each other. We can lay out what we believe for others to see, but not force it on others.

Some things are up to use and others are not. We need to do what we can after we take care of our mental own selves first, and we need to give back to society in effort at least, but not necessarily momentarily. How many fund raisers have I seen paying themselves well, and the remainder, if there is any, goes to the charity fund? Fund raising has become a business. 

But have yourself a merry tomorrow any way. That is all we can have. After all, what do I know?

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sustainable diet

Sustainable diet. What does that mean? a diet we stay on long term? a diet that can be produced long term? one that provides adequate nutrients? A quick look on the net yields:  http://sustainablediets.com/what-is-a-sustainable-diet/
"a sustainable diet must taste good and be enjoyable or you may abandon it. It needs to be affordable and to contain all the nutrients you need to reach and maintain health and vitality."

And her definition is some of the problem... The purpose of diet is to provide nutrients and energy for the human body. That is all. Taste is a modern problem. Hunger is the best appetizer according to Epicurus and others.

The poor  Romans 2000 year ago ate barley portage and barley bread, with bit of fish, goat, and cheese, onions, figs, olive, olive oil, and other stuff. There spicing was local leaves that they found to add savoring. It was sustainable for them, but of that I would only eat fish, cheese, onions ans olives. The wealthy Romans are what they wanted and had as much of an obesity problem as we do.

It is my opinion today that obesity is a attitude problem. We desire to eat good tasting stuff, it is available and cheap so we eat it. We need to eat metered meals of stuff that does not set off the desire for more.

The US government says the Paleo diet is not sustainable. There concern is different. Vegetables cannot be stored fresh for extended time. The US does not produce that much meat and fat required for a complete population on Paleo, so it is not sustainable in those terms. For a individual, it is the most sustainable diet. Add a few potatoes, if you are not addicted to potatoes, and there you have a highly palatable sustainable diet. It is difficult to stay on, if you are living out of restaurants. And yet, there are many places that offer a low carb meal, or equivalent.

The first thing is to get rid of sugar and processed starches. Those are just not foods. The next issue is portion sizes and eating between meals. We need to get our insulin down so that we can see the leptin.

But what do I know.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

And not just in women

with the headline

A vegetarian diet may be making you loopy: Report

And my observations concur. Some people are loopy, but I never connected it to diet. I need to say that quite a few of the loopy are vegans but the cause? It will need more proof before cause can be declared. They need to be loopy to follow a vegan existence, or very easily influenced. Some religions have this problem also and are just loopy.

Many of us were educated in our childhood to follow. Brainwashed. Unknowingly. When we realize that were, we rebel and some then learn the reality, that we must get along together to survive we.

Freedom includes free thinking, and reason. we need to understand that logic is the most important skill, along with the rules of evidence. Frye standard and all that. O well, I am only doing life without parole. What do I know?

Friday, December 4, 2015

Missed the problem

The problem, as I see it is not what to eat, but how to get ourselves to follow the diet. Everywhere there are people expounding on diet but not how to keep ourselves on that diet. They have just missed the major problem.

Here is one more example: http://www.wellnessresources.com/leptindiet/leptindiet_home.php

The Five Rules of the The Leptin Diet:
Rule 1:  Never eat after dinner. 
Rule 2:  Eat three meals a day. 
Rule 3:  Do not eat large meals. 
Rule 4:  Eat a breakfast containing protein.
Rule 5:  Reduce the amount of carbohydrates eaten.

Until we develop the "will power" the body telling the mind to "eat, eat, eat "will be the driving factor. 

As I see it, we need the motivation, the desire to overcome our body's demand, on a consistent basis.

But what do I know?

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pity the Ignorant

The zealot Muslims are just doing as there "religion" teaches, even if there "religion" is a splinter group. They are ignorant that we are here to cooperate, and provide an environment for our species to flourish. We have flourished in spite of such belief systems, to the point that there are too many of us now, and for now. Soon the drug resistant bacteria will trim us to size, or climate change or man made disaster, or man's ignorance...

The zealot Muslims are unaware of the natural laws of mass society, treat others as we would like to be treated. This can be observed in any peaceful law abiding community. They, the ignorant, instead follow a old man made stone age religion, with modern weapons. The only result can be destruction and loss of goodwill toward that group, and by extension toward all Muslims, even though many are good people. They need to separate themselves from the bad in order to be considered good.

They are ignorant that there is no god, that the good life is based on good human behavior toward each other, not a consistent ideology. Logic alone can drive good behavior and sound thinking, but if they need to believe in a supernatural force to get through life, then I pity them. The stone age, bronze age, iron age, have passed. We are down to information age. We can sort real from fiction by the acid tests of logic and reality, the concepts philosophy and psychology. We do not need some old book of stories that display the art of good story telling, immorality of the main character, and the demand or suggestion that we follow his prescription... because he knows more than we do.

As we mature unto our senior years, we know more than anyone could have at any time in the past, as there is just so much more known and shared in literature, including all written publications. We do not need to hold onto the idea that what was good enough for Mohammad is good enough for us. All I can feel is pity for there ignorance.  


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Letting go of Attachment

What am I on about? Letting go of attachments is a concept that is repeated in the Stoic tradition and in the Buddhist tradition but does not show up in Christianity. It is the difference between ownership and stewardship over land and estates. It is the root cause of suffering in the Buddhist four noble truths, and with virtue, detachment is necessary and sufficient for the Stoic sage. It is freedom from condenser for those things beyond our control or influence.

Barbara Fredrickson, a psychologist researcher, suggests that love and attachment can be separated to produce a loving kindness toward all without attachment. It is the other part, the lack of attachment, that is the key to letting go of all the hassles of life. Freedom, in its true sense. Serenity. Tranquility.

Attachment is one of the emotions that Christianity and Islam push for. The opposite is found in the philosophy's that bring tranquility. I think that I need to look to the philosophies on this one. Attachment is the problem, not the solution. This is a subtle difference, yet big in effect. Ideas exist outside of us, and those who do not subscribe to the same idea are just not looking at the same concepts, like rigorous honesty.

Consider our wonderful NDP government. They have a revenue  shortfall due to low oil prices. So they do not want to bring a sales tax, but bring in a carbon tax instead. It is intended to "clean up our environment". It is all semantics. They are importing foreigners, yet the real problem is overpopulation, because that is what we should do for humanitarian reasons. Detachment is what we need to resolve many things. Attachment, as promoted by Christians or detachment as promoted by Stoics and Buddhists; that is the question of the day. 


Friday, November 20, 2015

Yah Sure

And then there are those of us who find hunger unbearable after 6 or 8 hours, knowing the fridge has food in it.

on other topics

On a personal level, I have had time to read a bit of philosophy now, and have identified several philosophical/psychological issues around life and/or retirement which I need to resolve. Social need, activity-exercise need, and adaption to change all have changed. So must the ways of fulfilling these needs. Some of these I have resolved, which leaves me at odds with many others.  I need more social time, but not a great deal. Work, in the past, has been low social, isolation at a desk, crank out engineering reports. I like to do the work necessary to crank out the report as well, but age took that away.

From an academic standpoint, some of this is cross societal bovine natural fertilizers, and some is my personal belief system that I would like to reconcile into something not resembling conflict. Some of this is the result of the times, starting out with basic survival level and ending in the computer age. All this high speed change does not sit well with my analytical nature and the speed of change that I am comfortable with. In many cases, when I look at the raw logic, society is just out of date with the logic and much of the proven knowledge. There is no solution other than me becoming more sociopathic, that is “not caring” or reducing the frequency of contact to approach zero of those who are insistent.   

Modern psychology is quick to tell we are not social enough, or we are too social, but never will it define the right amount of social in advance, for it could be wrong, and always want to be right. I have met people who cannot concentrate for 5 minutes on something by themselves, and others of us that can work in isolation for months. So what is the right amount? Either way, what ever is required, is what the psychologist suggest? 

I pulled a quote from unrelated place...."the business of living is so desperately hard, relationships are so challenging, work often so unfulfilling or boring, family dynamics so tricky and the capacity for honest, kindly conversation so restricted, we may through no particular fault of our own fall into despondency"... It is often tough to earn a living of the standard we expect, or that others expect of us.

There are those people who can never be satisfied, and those who are always satisfied, they have no desires. There are those who work for every thing they get, and those who just demand more all the time. More effort, more production, more money. Screw it all. I just do not care any more.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Short Term Fix for Life's Problems

Shot term fix is all anyone can offer until the real problem is understood and a solution found, assuming the problem is fixable. All we can really fix is our reaction to the problem. That is all we have control over.

For example, we have all heard these grand schemes of the politicians to fix the unemployment issue, and yet we import workers from the third world into this second world country. Old world, new world, third world, that makes us, by definition, a second world country. Tim Hortons could not run here without imported workers, because our locals have such high expectations (delusions) of there value that they will not work there. It is not a career, but a job until something better comes along. Put some interest into the work, learn how to sell, systematize product distribution, and the next job may be much better. Would you like fries with that?

The first thing anyone needs is interest in something. A positive emotion is the place to start in any field. A bit of enthusiasm, interest, yield engagement, knowledge, effort, purpose and meaning. Over time and if fate permits, accomplishments occur, leading to satisfaction, joy, and reinforcement of the positive emotion. By the way, that is the essence of positive psychology.

None of this is short term, the first step in overcoming the disease, disorder, behavior, habit of overeating is to stop overeating and get busy with life, and address those factors that are driving us to overeat. We can step back from our extended family if that is the problem. Family is not the most important thing in my life. My tranquility, serenity, peace in my life is to me. If family is the problem, then until I learn how to live sanely in a insane situation, it is time to step back. I have. Now it is time to get on with my life without them, or there idiot beliefs effect the way I live.

We live under constant bombardment of ideas, most of which are wrong, do not apply to me, or are just marketing. All bool. Being partly deaf is not such a bad thing. As a atheist, sorting memes from reality is becoming easier. Assume it is all bool, bullshit, or crap, and salvage the good ideas only after careful examination and testing.  

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lose the weight; life problems remain

I expect that the reason that weight is so difficult to keep off is that after we lose the weight, all our life problems remain, what ever those problems were. I think that long term success will need to include identification and corrections of those shortcomings, or conditions in which we live. I do not think that learning to live in a bad situation created by others is a real solution. 

In the past I have listed an number of categories of these problems; to this list I will add one more. http://philosophyofweightmanagement.blogspot.ca/2015/09/edited-thinking-time.html Physical, environmental, psychological maladaptive personality or emotional response, social discomfort, chemical in the food aka food addiction, food knowledge plus lack of direction now. 

Until I find a suitable handle for this group, I will describe the group first. Loss or lack of direction, boredom, lack of a scene of urgency or importance for some activity, lack of interest in activity, in general apathy about life. I think it may be the result of being put down so much as a child, why bother caring about anything if it will be just taken away, or condemned. Apathy is the result. Frustration fixation, that is where there is only unsatisfying outcome or eating was the way I was raised. It was hell, but with lots of food, good food, and no rules other that eat, eat, eat. 

This lack of direction is not in it's self bad, but the converse is good. It is a burning urgency of action that keeps me away from the food, regardless of what that activity is. I need to value that activity. Tilting at windmills, if you like.   Conversion of the religious to realism/atheistism sound like a good thing to become frustrated at, it should be possible and would have value, considering the resent events in Paris and elsewhere.

I think some of us overweight people do not have enough to do that we want to do in an urgent way. Others of us quickly become apathetic to other people who do not think as we do, hence have no desire to hang about with others, even when we have to opportunity. We end up with time to get bored... or not bored, but not pressed into action at least. Perhaps we need to live with a sense of urgency to do something. A human doing, rather than a human being.

But then, what do I know?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Eating disorders

Eating disorders are real, and there is no solution beyond stopping the disorder, what ever that looks like.

So we need to live normally, but that is not defined.

First, the subject, in this case me, must desire to stop. To that there is no solution, so WTF.