Monday, September 18, 2017

Statins and Sucide

Opinion, not advice.

Doc wanted me to go on statins, so I took another good look at the data. So what does it really show?

"So I have a thirty percent chance of dyeing in the next ten years."
What are the odds on statins?
"Well you should be on statins!"

First off there is a problem with the total numbers treated in the study. It seem that there are quite a few people who start but stop quickly. The study's seem to just cross these of as non compliant. Yet I here there are some that statins just do not agree with; instant muscle pain, other discomforts. They make a quality of life decisions, live without statins until death. Possibly quicker, or shorter life, but by how much, nobody knows. Well one study show days more. Days, not weeks.

Then there is the suicide rate; three times higher on statins, and the doctor says there is no causal link and eliminate the suicide deaths on the all cause deaths. So it becomes all cause but suicide. Bullshit. Suicide is a quality of life subjective decision. There were more people who felt there life was poor, not worth leaving on statins. So what is the issue? Muscle pain, loss of strength, actual muscle cell death, there is no reasonable recover from that. Well the statin folks want to eliminate them from the study. If included, the sales pitch data tanks.

So when one adds back the dropped out, and suicides, there is no benefit; it appears to be better to stay off statins. Even if one was to try them and stop if there are quick side effects, the benefit is not there... unless one had family history or real history. So where does that leave us /me?

Doctors and preachers are two of the oldest professions, along with robbin, looting, or the legal equivalent, soldiering. So after we realize that truth in the professions are less that virtuous, it is up to the doctors to provide studies to show benefit, else I call bullshit. Just like religion; provide evidence of a god or fo. Proof of a long history in a belief of a god just does not cut it. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dr. R Lustig, a new book

So now we are progressing down the understanding why it is so difficult to stay on a diet long term.

Dopamine. Serotonin. Insulin. And Others.

So we humans, long term, need a environment that causes us humans to generate more serotonin. OK. Serotonin is the contentment hormone.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Do Churches Care about people
Now consider Carlton, Sask, or Greencourt, Ab, or Mayerthorpe, Ab, and those are just the ones that I know personally. The churches are just happy to walk away from the places that they burried the dead. Now let us take a better look at churches. First I will not say they are evil but I know they are. Lets divide up the instructions in the bible and see if the instruction does more good for the person or the church... and the church is what it is all about.

We are born without any knowledge, and we grow up searching for knowledge. Much of what we learn as children is just wrong, but we do not realize this... until we do. We are forced to unlearn, and learn something else, but that to may be wrong. So we learn to test, and find much is just assumption, truth is just a concept. Now what? There is no god, death is final. Many people have developed systems of beliefs, but morality can only be based on the present best practices. Keeping useless people alive is not moral by an objective standard if we include economy, or even just value in society, in an overpopulated world that we live in.

Honor our mother and father is a misleading commandment when our parents were wrong, cruel, abusive by the standards of present, but not far out of line by the standards of there time. So who does their beliefs benefit? Only the church. Those who wrote the bible knew a lot of psychology, or at least what worked, train them young and they will follow; they never learned the seven step of critical thinking; and when we do we call bullshit on religion. Religion is not just evil, but cruel, abusive, deceitful, infliction on the world. All religion should be eliminated and replaced with science and religion. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway. A bible burning, roast wieners, or something.    

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Irma beats Cuba

Irma must be beating Cuba and the press has not said a word. Images of Irma show the eye just off the north coast of Cuba, and have for the last day, but not one word in the press. US controlled media have ignored the situation. So what is the situation in Cuba? It must be severe. 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Zuckers!! - Protein vs Atmosphere Co2

So the rising Co2 in the future will cause less protein in the food, but is this true in the past as well?

Is the rise of Co2 a root factor in the obesity epidemic? And then we can grow protein, but which protein?

Is this an answer, or just more noise?

In 1950 Co2 was at 280ppm, winters were cold here, snow was deep, and hogs could be raised on the local barley. By 1960, Co2 was at 315ppm, and hogs need concentrate, iron supplements, antibiotics, and other supplements to survive on barley. We blamed chemical fertilizer for the increase in carbohydrate and reduction of protein in the grain. But was it the Co2 effect? Now we are at 400+ ppm, and we have an obesity epidemic. Are these just Co2 rise effects?

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Zucker Problems

The Zucker rat is a genetically altered and/or selectively bread rat that overeats and becomes fat, without exception. It was reportedly developed for obesity and hypertension research, or at least selected for such research. Now what about us humans who seem to be unable to stop eating? Are we just like the Zucker rat, and have not enough will power to overcome the environmental supply of rich ready foods?

In historical days, most food had to be cooked before they could safely be eaten, and this limited our ability to graze on carbohydrate rich foods. Then came refrigeration, low cost sugar, mass produced cheap food products, and the problem came to the poor; the middle classes developed; now we have a full blown problem without the former physical controls. We are now 100% dependent on individual willpower and food knowledge. Carbohydrates should be fall back foods, not staples. Well, manufactured sugars for sure, should not be consumed by most of the adult population. Sugary foods should not be used as soothers of feeling replacements.

We humans are nasty to each other. We all are too sensitive, and we have too high expectations of each other. Philosophy says we should have compassion and consideration for others, preach peace, practice love, and all learn to get along with each other. We all need each other to a point, then we are too many. Stoics say we should live naturally, and practice virtues. Religions teach falsehoods, and not teach how to get along with nastys, deadbeats, abusers, uncaring and the scum of the earth. We need to learn that, and learn how to deal with those people in our lives who display those characteristics, even when they are parents, other family, guardians, teachers, peers, mates, and the like. Many of us just become nastys as that is what we mostly see, and do not know what we should be like. Many of us learned to eat rather than deal with the people. Now we need to learn to deal with the ignorant, unthinking and nastys.  Nasty people get nasty responses, silence maybe the best response.

Compassion with people who have not learned to be nice is all fine to say, but what about when they are obviously in the wrong. It is not just we are in conflict, but they are logically wrong. Not just my biases, but they are wrong, and happy, unwilling to change? Why should it bother me? Oh well, we just live until we die, and now there are too many humans.

Our ability to not be impacted by negative, and nasty people must be increased to the point we are not driven to seek food as relief. High insulin and high blood sugar are natural sedatives; so did I recognize this and start self medicating, or was the food response coached in; was it a recognition that food would make me larger, I just do not know. Memories abound; what is true and which are false, I have no clue. If it is a true memory, some of it must have indeed happened. Now I need to be able to deal with the nasty and negatives. Avoidance only goes so far.   


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Baises and eating

We tend to eat as we always have eaten, we ate pulled to it as a strong habit, an epicgenetic drive and a genetic drive with no satiation switch. We are the overeaters, regardless of the actual cause. Perhaps we are not busy enough. When we have no time to eat, it is easier perhaps to stay on a diet, or when there is no food to eat. We have refrigeration, and freezing as methods of preserving. We have supply side control of many products. There are no shortages of food. It is always in our faces. There is no escape.

The only solution is to be able to say no, and mean it, and to live it. That is the problem, the continual pressure to eat in excess, and the genetic drive. In addition, many of us were taught to reach for food first before feeling. That is just one more aspect that drives us toward food.

Our family relationships may also be an issue. The flying fish hook in the face, no more fishing for my own safety, with that person. Also the wild driver, and no letting her drive if I am in the vehicle. Then there is the continual negative outflow of verbal crap, just stop listening, stop caring, and avoid as much as is practical. There is the religious evangelizer, who does not stop, even though I have repeatedly said I am an atheist, there is no god, no supernatural, no after life. You are just living in your dreams. The only thing atheist have in common is a clear knowledge that there is no god and no supernatural, although we tend to be more reasoned. Keeping quite and letting the dervishes whirl becomes a way of life.

In overcoming overeating, we need to learn how to eat properly, but also how to live between meals without food, without social support, without creating resentment from other family members, and similar new things, new concepts and new behaviors. In the end it does not matter, we all just die anyway.


Monday, June 26, 2017

fingernails on chalk board

I learned about fingernails on chalk board in grade 7 from the Screech-halk, my teacher. She did both, dragged here fingernails on the chalk board and screeched in a similar tone. She struck fear into all of us. That was in 1960 ish.

Now there is an individual who does YouTube videos on food addiction that I would like to listen to, but am just unable to listen to, due to her voice, and to me it sounds like fingernails on chalk board.

GMO are raising there web presence. GMO are paying for trolls to put down any claims that GMO should be avoided, as they should be for your health, unless you do not want to be an unpaid lab-rat. Well, at least the protein parts, until they develop enough history, to be demonstrated not harmful to all. Monsanto has a corn that kills in South Africa, or so the story goes, before they silenced the opponent. Monsanto was good at silencing there opposition.  One more example...

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Zucker Problem

We the obese suffer from at least six issues:
  • A physical problem, high insulin, possible driven somewhat by food choices, but now high insulin epigenetics 
  • A possible learning impairment or other structural brain issue that make us susceptible to cultural and family dynamics, cultural/society stresses. 
  • A highly emotional based brain, which combines with the other issues to create psychological distress and issues at times.
  • A food rich environment in which some of the foods drive the problem as well
  • A lack of good information about overcoming combined problems, education knowledge component. 
  •  A brutal and uncompassionate society with little knowledge of how to overcome individual internal issues. Specific individuals have knowledge, but it is difficult to find these and extract the knowledge from them. 
As the specific knowledge is not unique, which piece of knowledge is lacking? That is the question.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

the conglomerate and trump

So as I understand it, a trump identity or company under the umbrella of the trump borrows 12.7 million, and supplies a loan guarantor, a Ukrainian Pro Russian political party. As there is a guarantor, there is no need to repay the loan. At the other end of the conglomerate out pops 12.3 million of political contributions. Duh. WTF? How can the man say no influence from Russia? The trump skimmed of the political contribution, and received what?   

Friday, June 9, 2017

Bat Shit Crazy People

I am still learning to deal with the bat shit crazy people who frequent my life, and the bat shit crazy ideas that I have at times. New crazy show up.  Most of the bat shit crazy ideas that I have were adopted in my younger years without much consideration or choice. These ideas are prevalent in the collective consciousness of society and rub off.

This week I was out camping with a couple who struggle with weight issues and I do. There struggles are different, but with similar effects. They are unwilling to give up tasty snacks about three time each day, plus three meals. I, on the other hand will give up snacks, but not meals. To lose weight, there meals are of a size of snacks, and calorie wise may contain less than there snacks, which leave me hungry. Also they do no activities of exertion, nor exercise. There most energetic activity is take the dogs to the dog park and let them run.

All the religions are bat shit crazy, as is politics. Just look at the trump show. Bat shit crazy is trump. There has to be mostly independent law force that follow the law as enacted. If politicians want change, they need to change the law first.  To become elected you need to be popular, and have policies that make one stand out, yet in government, one needs a steady and fair hand; tolerance, for the people will be there tomorrow, and a eye to the future. Elections can be bought, as trumps was, and not by foreign powers such as Russia. I hope trump has not taken Russian money, but I fear he has, through a Ukrainian (Russian) back door loan guarantee from a foreign bank. 

The Canadian government must deal with this Indian situation, or the debt will just rise. The medical industry is also out of hand, but they will fix most anyone, and keep them alive for the pay check. Something needs to be done; perhaps guidelines on who can be treated from public money.

The Indian population must become either full citizens or the rank and file Indians will suffer. The chief will do well, but the commons will not. Oh well, they to will just die in the end, like all of us. Without education, the lower groups will survive on the reserves and on dole.

But back to the bat shit crazy, those who think anything will be resolved will need to have a look at resolutions of the past. Either one side or both sides feel hard done by. So when will the losers rebel? Well if there is not evidence, it is just opinion, and as such, should be treated as a hypothesis until some evidence is found. With religions, a game of dueling hypothesis shows they are all wrong. In the god, no god debate, the "no god" has no evidence against the "no god" hypothesis, while there is no "necessary and sufficient" evidence for a god, therefore there is likely "no god". End of discussion until evidence is presented.

Morals have no need for a god either. Do no physical harm, and the oriental version of the golden rule will go a long way to good ethics. We have man made laws also that keep most on track, but those only deal with the worst of people without the money to mount a good defense. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Nonhumor - trump

Warning rant / nonrant

Nothing to do with food, eating, overeating, lack of satiation. There are just some thing that make a bad situation worse. I refuse to give trump a capital t, he is too much of a bully for any respect.

"Make America Great Again" slogan was interpreted by many of his followers as the idea that we would make America great again by slaying political correctness, by bringing back jobs, by keeping undocumented workers from entering our country, from showing the mainstream media who's boss. In reality, he is living in the past. What government has to do is get out of the way and let companies do there think, but that has caused pollution, abandoned waste, abandoned oil wells, nuclear waste, arsenic waste, etc. Economic business must pay for the waste cleanup as well, but they have not nor will they willingly. With all these people, we need to leave the earth in a condition that the next generation can live in it. 

trump has destroy US relationships with the rest of the world and even his own people. Consider the Kathy Griffin picture and the turmoil he caused over it. It was a poor taste Taliban skit. But he overreacted, as is trumps way. Angela Merkel is now the leader of the free world. trump is just not a leader of willing free peoples.

The world has moved on since the time and populations that the American ego thought it was great, and businesses had free reign. Those time are gone forever. Green and conservation, while still developing is a much more difficult task. The forward thinking population being more free, unconstrained, made possible through an uncontrolled business morals, made the US what it was. An unethical, savage place, where life was brutish, hard and often short. They have no qualms about killing at the governments request; that is not moral nor ethical, and certinally not great. That has been there forte, along with development of the tools of destruction.

There are others who try to use force to promote themselves, and they do but not by support, but fear. Typical gun culture thinking. Taliban and muslim groups are examples if goofy intolerant religious concepts. There is one more word that I will not capitalize. Sick the US on the muslims, like an attack dog. That is what they are good at now. They are not good at critical thinking (too many unrecognized biases), or public communications, but some of them do the hardware quite well, but have it built elsewhere.
WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said the United States "will continue to be the cleanest and most environmentally friendly country on Earth" as he announced a U.S. pullout from an international accord designed to curb climate change.

As with Mike from Canmore, Donny from New York, you saying something does not make it so. Statements should be based on real facts, not on your day dreams of reality.


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

So why do I overeat?

So why do I overeat? This is the basic problem that I have been struggling with for some time without finding a satisfactory answer, but a lot of hypothesis. So lets examine the scientific method that works so well for learning.

use of the scientific method:
  • Ask a question. 
  • Conduct background research.
  • Construct a hypothesis. 
  • Test your hypothesis in an experiment.
  • Draw a conclusion by analyzing data. 
  • Communicate your results so they can be checked and validated by your peers.
  • If it holds up, your conclusion becomes a “theory” or a “model” for others to leverage.
There is a decision in the middle of this process that is missed, the negative outcome after the testing. if the test results show no a negative result, abandon... well in the true science, we would right it up to provide guidance to future lookers, that says this did not work. But we are missing something about weight loss, the body is 24/7, while the mind, our controlling fraction is something less, and at time takes a nap. The mind is not in ultimate control, but just thinks it is.

The only solution is to eat less, move more. We do not want to here that, but what we eat can be debated. We need to be able to do this, the proof is in the doing.

So all these hypothesis as to the cause are irrelevant, we still need to be able to stick to a starvation system; our hunger may be less on low carb, maybe. There is no help in this matter.   

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Schultz, OCD treatment,

Schultz, and his OCD treatment scheme, third person thinking, do not seem to have an effect on the desire to eat. That is not to say that they do not work, they do not have a big effect, although the way of thinking does alter the perceptions. Perhaps I did not "do it right" or something, but doubling down on something that does not seem to have a effect is the typical diet mentality. I am not finding any effect.

Doubling down on diet changes do not help if I am unable to stay on the damn diet does not help.

There are some bad words that I need to talk about, worship and faith. These are bullshit religions concepts that have no place in modern society and religion is the home of snake oil salesmen. Proof must be presented before any decision is made with respect to life. Any transaction in which god is brought up is more suspect. Loans to the religious increases the provability of default by a factor in one study shows. Now where did that go? 

We should worshiper nothing but truth, with evidence. Faith is something without evidence. Over the years I saw many foundation built on "assumed soil bearing values" which is faith based design, and numerous failed. There is nothing to work with there in repairs, It is just do it over, with real values this time. Worship and faith are concepts that should be abandoned along with gods, souls, afterlife, and similar supernatural and uneducated concepts. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Can Fred live in the third person?

Would it be easier to live in the third person if I gave myself a different name? It would be easier but untrue, and likely less effective. The whole purpose of this exercise is to examine the OCD treatment proposed by Schultz, and to learn to live in the observational perspective of the third person. This is said to generate a clear minded perspective of any situation, like overeating. understanding the desire to eat as a over-driven physical need is not sufficient to stop. Fred needs to learn to ignore this physical need and do something else. It is all about self management up to the limit of extended endurance, but not beyond. Breaking the body leads to mental problems and escape-ism, and we do not want to go there. 

But perhaps I also need to describe the other analogy that Fred perceives here, the problem of over management, that is the problem of management taking up to much of the available time, of resources. We see this occasionally in second generation companies, and always now in government. Over management. They are spending so much time in controlling people, and trivial behaviors, there are not enough resources left for what is actually required. Trump is a good example of this problem. He sees that there is too much government, but is unable to decide what is actually required to reduce the size of government. It needs to get out of the lives of people and set only directions based on facts, real items, and on personal desires like religion. Women's health should be between the women and her doctor, end of life issues should be between the patient and doctor. Reduce regulation without imposing the beliefs, not facts. Something will not go the way we want, oh well, but the cost of management will be manageable.

As the population grows the perceived need for management grows faster. This suggests that at some point, the cost of management, and the population size get out of control. We are over in both accounts.  Here is an example of a useful law that is just too costly for the government to implement:  . Just too much government.

Do we run into the same issue within our own human self? Exercise, food prep, person stuff, home cleaning and maintenance, computing, commuting, retraining, upgrading, recreational, and work all take time. And we need sufficient rest time as well. Are we at or beyond our personal durability? Do we need to do less, or do something different? Elimination of things out of our lives is always a choice, just like the government needs to simplify, but without losing life quality. The first thing that should happen is dumping of all religion in favor of the Church of Alternative Reality... The church intent on the domination of all other religions... or at least provide a alternative to ... based on reality... aimed at improving mental health, health in general and providing reasonable modern guidelines to life, fully aware that some things are up to us, some are not. Wrong. Trump and the US worships money and/or rich people, beautiful people, and popularity. God does not exist so they believe they worship an concept, mainly in the head of the believers. This is just goofy talk. 

Perhaps it is time to take Fred to the garage to address some spinning wood or something.