Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Learning to overcome Epigenetic encoding... rationalization

Once we consider that the overeating issue might be epigenetic encoded, and it is now our nature, several realizations jump out. It is now our nature. The struggle will be lifelong, and unrelenting, if we wish lasting success. Diet is about what is easier to do, not what is right. Developing OCD like behavior with respect to food intake may be the only way to achieve lasting recovery weight loss.

It is apparent (several research papers) on average that mice (children) born in time of famine have longer life potential, and those born in time of excess have less. Oh well, it is the luck of the draw, and I was born into excess food. For what ever reason I started to overeat as a small child, and over (or by) the first few years of school ballooned up to a massive size.  The ease of epigenetic encoding likely decreases with age, so that may be why we see that people who come later to this overeating problem tend to recover more often than those who started as a child. So if we overate as child over one winter, say six months, overeating encodes as a epigenetic characteristic. So I overate for several years, possible intentionally or as a stress response, it is likely that overeating encoded.

So "recovery" is not really possible, only is learning to live at a near normal size with this encoded natural drive to overeat. The problem is permanent. That is a realization like a missing hand. How could I have not realized this before? Recovery is a concept preached by others, I never really considered that recovery is bullshit, the problem will always exist for me. Weight loss is possible, an the urge to overeat will always be present.

That is one of the problems of life, we echo back that which we have been taught, without major consideration of whether it is true or not. We trust our teachers, even when they are wrong. That is the major problem of religion, and of science, and of history, hell, life. "Hell, Hanna, Hell" was a favorite explanation of one of my great grand fathers, George Washington Schnelle (born July 4) who was married to Hanna Rohrabaugh or Rorabaugh. anyways...a bit ADD.

So how does one develop in oneself enough OCD like behavior with respect to food to counteract epigenetic encoded overeating? Well first is the rigidity of behavior, enough to be irritating to self and others. This will be required as even a single slip well set us back to where we were. A binge must be defined as anything not on our food regiment. Rigidity of behavior will also need to extend to between meal activities to complete life. Now that I have these concepts firmly planted in the mind, where will it need to go from here? It does not matter, for in the end we all just die anyway. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Overcoming epigenetic encoding

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So now recovery is down to overcoming epigenetic encoding. To overeat has become our nature. The original cause of overeating may have been dealt with but now it is encoded into our epigenetics. Now we know why there is typically only a 5% long term frequency of recovery.

Food addiction and compulsive overeating are separate issue and must also be dealt with separately and before epigenetic encoded overeating. Now how do we deal with this epigenetic encoded drive to overeat?

That is the big question, and while I am searching for the complete answer, here are some partial answers, not in any specific order.

Metered meals of real food is required, work between meals.
Lower slow carbohydrates only to keep insulin down and reduce blood glucose spikes.
Knowing that it is my epigenetic nature to overeat, and telling other that, as a defense against food pushers.
Avoid food pushers and food pushing situations.
Openly attach frankinfoods as frankinfood aka not foods but products  (See DA Kessler)

In utero... may be long enough to set epigenetics .... so some are screwed before they are born... so they/we have two choices ... fight lifelong overeating/obesity issues or grow obese...Not a pleasant realization. This is  life long battle, not a short struggle, but the remainder of our lives. Depressing or irritating, which are we/you/I going to choose?

With this being epigenetics, we are not at fault, it is truly our nature. We can stop listening to the idiots that talk lifestyle change, choice of lifestyle. We have no choice when it is our nature, only a life of struggle.   Now all we need to do is understand recovery treatments or develop OCD like fixity recovery. 

So they have identified a mechanism called "small RNA inheritance" that does that in utero, and something similar for children in development responding to overeating and fixing that into our epigenetic nature. It does not matter the cause of overeating as a child; it becomes our nature, and now we must learn to deal with that. Life is a bitch, and then we all die in the end. Now we obese/exobese know why the struggle is so difficult.       

and more evidence of it being epigenetic issue:
  • Some studies, for example, have found that people with a high body mass index have unusual epigenetic marks on a gene called HIF3A. Some researchers have suggested that those marks change how HIF3A functions, perhaps reprogramming fat cells to store more fat.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Eating is encoded into our nature

Eating is encoded into our nature. Overeating is encoded into our nature. This realization explains the difficulty of recovery. We need to change our very nature. So where is the help? Not in the medical system. Psychology? Perhaps, but I have not found it yet. Philosophy, most definitely, but there is nothing aimed specifically at living in a modern food rich environment. All must be adapted to our specific situation. That requires time and energy, clear thought, clear reasoning. There is so much noise in our environment, and so much effort to promote wrong ideas, unhelpful ideas. All likely true believers, which make changing them impossible.

It is really all about change of self, overcoming my very nature, and changing core beliefs, values and the like, contrary to what those around me are pushing for. All I can do is change myself and that we each must do. At this point it is essentially me changing me, by myself, without support. Can this succeed? Death is the result in the end, either way. It does not matter.

The realization that I am essentially along in this endeavor is interesting. I know there are others who are undergoing this same process, consciously or unconsciously, but how does one connect with these others? And after connecting, how does one connect on an approach? There is a group out there, but they believe that a belief in a god supersedes all reason and understanding of these disease, but gods and most of what religion teaches is just pigshit, fit for worms, bugs and the like. I see the likely answer really lying in understanding the disease, issue, personality characteristic, characteristic that was encoded through epigentics (the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.). That is the real problem of obesity or overeating.   "The Överkalix study (an isolated community in northern Sweden) found that a single winter of overeating as a child can biologically predispose one’s children and grandchildren to diabetes and heart disease, resulting in lifespans that are decades shorter than their peers1. " So one winter is enough to encode overeating. How long does it take to encode the other way? Or is it even possible? One meal after a diet is enough to erase one and a half years of recovery, one day at a time. This suggests that after encoding, flicking that switch, the switch is permanently switched. It become a one meal at a time struggle the remainder of our life. Oh well, we die in the end either way.  

There are a great many articles like that tell us absolutely nothing useful for recovery. Oh well, it is all about turning research dollars. Then there are reports like this that tell us we are screwed:, but are we really; or does it just take understanding the problem and living in such a way that we can reset/upset/delete that switch? I do not know yet. In the end we all just die anyway.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Revised Intentional Overeating

What was intentional at the time may have encoded and is now part of us. We now have to overcome our nature. That is the essence of the real problem. 

So is eating food that I like, intentional overeating? Liking food is part of the problem. So perhaps the stoics are right... Hunger should be the only sauce.  Simple food is best. Barley portage. Barley cakes. But where can one get barley grown without fertilizer and chemicals? Oh well, in the end we just die anyway.

I expect that most obese people do not want to be obese but they want to eat well, like the food, enjoy life  or perhaps cannot stop eating. They both know that they must reducing eating to lose weight. There is where the problem lies most of the time, and that is following that direction. The resistance to calorie reductions comes from hunger or a mental drive; of the mental drives there are at least three, physical or physiological memory, automatic memory, and conscious memory.

Any reduced calorie diet will take the weight off. Hunger is less if we keep insulin low, that is eat a higher fat, normal protein, low carbohydrate. Our body balances our need with fat taken from the reserves, so to our body any reducing diet is higher in fat to our body. We will experience hunger if we have been living on a high carbohydrate diet. It will take considerable time to adjust to a more Paleo like, Atkins like, low carb diet, but you may suffer if you do it quickly. Those carb that we eat should be slow carbs only, that is greens and a few cooked unprocessed vegetables, high in fiber and slow to digest.

Now those mental drives need to be addressed. These need to move to the conscious decision making area of the brain. That is where the difficulty is. We are not taught to unmake automatic behaviors, and we will always revert to our old automatic behaviors if we ever let vigilance slide or lapse. This vigilance must continue to death, and that will come soon enough. There is no need to hasten death by overeating.

There are many reasons that eating may have become automatic. These include liking food, environment, food addiction, emotional eating, stress, or trained in overeating. Many of these were trained in by parents, environment, conditions, rules or desires of self as children. Some of these only became a problem as our metabolism slowed with age, or with other body or chemical changes. But what do I know. We all die in the end.    

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Disease is Overeating

The Disease is Overeating, the symptom is obesity. The degree of the problem can be measured by BMI, metabolic syndrome, and the like. Some damage is permanent, some can be released by not eating specific food groups. Reduction of carbohydrates removes much of the blood glucose issues, and related weight issues. Restrictive food lists and behaviors provide relief from food addictions. Psychological treatments can remove stress, emotional, personality driven overeating. Philosophical approaches can remove other reasons, and give some relief to the cultural and physical driven overeating, and to intentional overeating, even after it has become encoded and automatic.  To obtain this recovery, we need clarity of mind to understand the actual cause of the specific overeating case.

To me it is now obvious that recovery from overeating is a much bigger undertaking that most undertakings. Certainly much bigger that simple weight loss.  I have been reading and researching this issue for all my life, but seriously since 2008. I have read 8 feet of books on the subject, and about the same on recovery attempts, philosophy's, and other things that have been suggested as possible sources of the solutions. Some helped, some defined the problem better, some gave me insight into my specific problem, and some was just a waste of time. The difficulty comes in a wrong definition of the problem causes. That is just misdirection, which is likely the biggest problem with recovery from overeating. We are simply not addressing the real problem, but rather a symptom of the problem.

It become obvious at this point that treating someone problem must come from the inside, for only we can treat our problem, or even figure out the cause. Yet that is a massive undertaking, and we do not get much help from the medical establishment. Anyone who is unable to follow their prescribed diet is simply noncompliant and no further help is available. Admitting that we do not know the answer can be the first step in developing the knowledge to fix the problem and know the answer. 

To fix intentional overeating, we first need to realize that overeating was intentional at one time and overeating became encoded and automatic. This has become part of our personality, character, our psyche, part of what make us us. We are not even aware of the intentional aspect of the past. It is a natural instinct in overdrive. Now what? How does one fix this? We need to change our character, our personality, our behavior, our outlook on our culture, change even our belief system, what ever we need to change, sufficient change to recover and sufficient change to not slide back, that is the difficult part. That change must be continued for the remainder of life. 

Now evidence based change is difficult to argue against. Trying to figure out what the evidence says is the hard part. Once we understand, duh, it is obvious. So why could I not see it before? Misdirection is likely culprit. Now we are left with changing our behavior, but after we know the truth of the evidence, that should follow. Most try to change the behavior without understanding the cause of the behavior. If the cause remains, backsliding can be expected. I do not need to be self-sufficient, I can ask for help when help is available. When it come to cause of my behavior, who is there to ask? Me and rigorous honesty, guess and test or ?.  In the end we all just die anyway.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Travel Experience

Travel Experience... it is the stories of the returning travelers that excites the next wave of travel. Those stories have turned quite negative in the last bit from those returning from Europe. Hoards of black assumed refugees around the tourist attractions hawking trinkets, gang mobs of in your face pick pockets, swarming at tour buses. Hotel ripoffs... well built up expectations only to find run down dirty bug infested rooms. Airport security searches- of the seniors getting out of hand, and of the ladies getting physical. And the cost of some places... If one chooses to go, you need to be willing to pay the prices... gouging anyone... Oh well it was only a discussion group, and a few fresh stories. The odd thing is that everyone had similar stories in the last years. So why would I want to travel? I have long held that travel was much overrated anyway. Is it fear or practical reality that keeps me home?    

I have been on quite a few long trips in my life; I have felt ripped off by ever one; why would I travel?  Oh well, we all just die in the end.

Camping, in Alberta is not any better. The rates in some campgrounds is outrageous. Walmart parking lot, here I come, and move ever day... Retirement has become enjoying life as best we can until... well OK, we all just die in the end.

Then there is the US joke; mass shootings and democrats filibuster on gun control.   
You have trump as a presidential candidate. How can we Canadians keep a straight face? We have religion... all those who think it is right to kill those who will not agree that your pigshit beliefs...Christians, Muslims, Trump, Ken Ham, Flat earth society... etc. Oh well, we all just die in the end.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sharma's Just Wrong

Sharma has a long series cutting down the arguments against obesity as a disease.

Sharma is just wrong about what the disease is. Definition:

noun: disease; plural noun: diseases; noun: dis-ease; plural noun: dis-eases
  1. a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury.

    "bacterial meningitis is a rare disease"

    synonyms:illness, sickness, ill health; More
    • a particular quality, habit, or disposition regarded as adversely affecting a person or group of people.

      "departmental administration has often led to the dread disease of departmentalitis"
 OK, so it may apply but obesity is a symptom of the real problem. That is why treatment is not effective, he is busy treating a symptom. The real problem is philosophical/psychological and has been produce by the modern society concepts over running natural satiety regulation. Eating is such a important biological function that there has never been needed in the past a physical off switch, the mental/emotional off was sufficient. But modern society, and mainly the relentless advertising has locked the satiety switch on on. Full speed ahead. It may have first been switched on by emotional/stress/food addiction/habituation, but that is irrelevant after the lock is encoded into the primary or unconscious automatic mind. The "stuck on" on switch must be first released, and the other problems fixed, as well, for recover to take place.

Alberta does not pay for philosophical/psychological services, so until someone is willing to do the work and dig into there own pocket, the problem will continue. As long as those "at the public trough" need substance, they will argue the wording to keep the money flowing. So what is the point in arguing with Sharma's "Livingston Pig"? 

The best thing one can do for ourselves is to shut off radio, TV, and stop paying attention to society that "feeds the Pig(s)" period. Learn to cage the Pig. Ignore the Squeals, or listen to the Squeals as noise. Three moderate meals each day. It is society that has brought us to this point. Society will not get us out of the problem. It is up to each one of us to learn what we must do and get ourselves out of this mess. We are on our own. No government will help. They each have their own "Livingstone Pig" to deal with.

If you do not understand this read Never Binge Again by Glenn Livingston. This aggressive irritating book is right but does not contain one word of the psychology behind the workable philosophy. It is something one should force oneself to read. It is like forcing the self to read the building code, but it has the power to change your life.

So what is a Glenn Livingston Pig? Not to be confused with a Johnathan Livingston Seagull, our hopes, dreams and aspirations. A Pig is a belief or drive that has outlived it's usefulness, and it need to be discarded, however it is stubborn and will not go away. It is a desire to eat for no other reason than to eat. It is a sow or a problem, and just will not go away. The pig must be dealt with. It is a belief that thinks it is right, contrary to all evidence. A negative damaging meme, a instinct run amuck.  

Monday, June 13, 2016

Understand the Pig

Problem of Immediate Gratification, the Pig. Once we like food a bit too much, what do we do about that? The desire to eat is physical or encode into the brain, primitive or unconscious (automatic) part, now what? The Pig must be beaten into submission, caged, penned, put into his stye, but he will not go quietly. Expect squealing of many forms.

Thanks to Glenn Livingston for the explanation of a possible solution. More if it works. These are two different Pigs. Glenn's Pig is a part of the mind/ego that we can detach from and beat into submission.

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Churchill said something like "Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm."

Or the stoic concept - success is living well until we die well.  Well is being virtuously, so that we can say if there was wrong done, it was not by us. 

It feels like there is an inverse connection between weight loss and willpower. I am more successful at weight loss and maintenance when I do not care and do not try.

That suggests that overeating is a willpower driven property, the greater the willpower expressed, the greater is the drive to overeat. It is physically and unconscious driven, and it is up to the conscious to overcome. Most of those who I see recovering are obsessed with measuring, recording and similar weight loss obsession. Is that the only release from this problem?

So if we are truth seeking, what is the truth with respect to overeating? Who knows? All we can say for sure is CICO is the physics equation of the whole problem, but metabolism and Atwater factors change with CI and CO. So where does that leave us? With our asses hanging out in the wind and no government cares enough to understand or provide any workable solutions or funding for workable solutions. They do fund a system that is a failure for most, where information is doled out individually for a fee, by the elite (Capital Health). It make me think that they do not know the solution either. Anyone with ongoing weight loss/ maintenance knows as much as they do.  

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Trying to understand behavior in general, big picture?

 Social / Cultural Anthropology is the study of human society / cultures, their knowledge, beliefs, practices, values, ideas, technologies, economies and other domains of social and cognitive organization.

Social-cultural anthropology traditionally dealt with kinship, political economy and other social dimensions of non-literate, non-western and often isolated communities, which could be observed in their totality. Today, many social anthropologists also study “western” culture and such aspects of complex societies as gender, sexuality, peasantry, ethnic minorities, and industrial work groups.

Knowledge, beliefs (social, religious, cultural) values, practices, economic, political, at the band/tribe/village level is not uniform, but much more uniform as the group gets smaller (from the sub-subspecies level of groups). That is reasonable for the individual has only one set of beliefs, and there is often only one or two senior in the smallest social unit. OK,  the typical family has two parents, and grow from there. 

So any sub -subspecies is built up on the learned beliefs of the previous generations. If it was wrong, it is still wrong, if it was right, it is still right. Ever generation must learn everything, and pass on what is proven or demonstrated relevant to the next generation. On the individual each subsequent layer of education adds and subtracts from the relevant information passed on. 

The first 7 years of life set a child's personality, learning fields, memory, interests in broad sense, speaking ability, confidence, etc. So those child minders are the ones that give so much guidance the young, and to a large extent heavily influence child behavior. That is what causes the differentiation in behavior between the working poor and the rich children. The extreme poor do not display this setback. Odd. The difference can be found in the amount of time that child spends with adults in those formative years, 0 to 7 years, in active learning environment.  Is that why a child who grows up isolated is low social need adult? Makes sense. All those unused cross linked neurons get pruned. Oh well, life goes on, and it becomes difficult for us to learn in those areas. 

So those of us with personality disorders and learning deficits can blame it all on our genes and early development; if there was wrong done it was not by me; and we are left to pick up the pieces and move on to a rational and useful life, full of purpose or production. There is no purpose in life until we paint one on. Shall I change colour today?  

One more point on understanding. I am not a natural writer, it is a forced habit which I came to get pleasure from. As you all know, I am not good at it, but enjoy it, therefore am of the dangerous sort, if it were of importance. On this light, I have three active blogs, and this one has the least hits, yet draws the most phishing. Moderation of comments requires more effort as deleting the comments that I do not want, therefore, for now, I will leave the comments as they are. Some of the phishing is quite humorous word usage, likely the result of English as a second language results. Oh, well, it is a struggle for some to scratch out what passes as gainful employment these days. Living off advertising is just another form of prostitution, but what do I know?          

but it is the truth

Hawking called Trump “a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator,” a statement that many Trump supporters believed was intentionally designed to confuse them.

noun: demagogue; plural noun: demagogues
  1. a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.
    synonyms:rabble-rouser, agitator, political agitator, soapbox orator, firebrand, fomenter, provocateur

    "he was drawn into a circle of campus demagogues"
    • (in ancient Greece and Rome) a leader or orator who espoused the cause of the common people.

      Not to be confused with a demigod although they sound similar to we hard of hearing  tinnitus types.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sharma Humor perhaps

With success measured at 5% (1 in 20) how good of an expert are any of these weight loss doctors?

So if we, after eight years are at 72 percent of our weight loss still off, are we doing better than the experts on average?

On average is a misleading thing. Bill Gates walks into a bar. On average, everyone in the bar is a millionaire.

On average, one half of the population has less than average intelligence. That does not include we dyslexics, as the intelligence test cannot measure a dyslexic yet.

Time is now standardized as the vibration of a cesium atom. When we use this definition, black energy and black mater, red shift aka expanding universe, and a bunch of weird and wonderful stuff seems to exist. If we define it as a uniform fourth dimension, now is now in all space, and allow gravity to change the speed of vibration to vary the speed of vibration, the red shift reduces, universe gets older by a large factor, black mater and energy become measurement error, and individual life becomes intrinsically valuable again.

So by occam's razor, our definition of time should be changed, but that would create confusion in the world and through a bunch of physics working on black stuff out of work.

So by occam's razor, weight loss should study all those who have had better than average success with weight loss, and understand all the reasons for their success, but that is not likely to happen for political reasons. We can use this thought, as a evidence that individual live have intrinsic value, whether the experts agree or not. It is not going to happen, is it?


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

We do things for a reason... BULLSHIT

We do things for a reason is a piece of quick talk, it sounds good until we apply a bit of reasoning and analysis, and is essentially bullshit. The definition of bullshit, in this case, is the speaker/writer does not care if the statement is true or false, it is just for effect. We can do things for a reason/logic or the following incomplete list:
  • Reason/logic (included for completeness of this list)
  • To achieve a goal or objective (instrumental)
  • Stimulus driven behavior, it just feels right or good
  • For pleasure, what ever it is
  • for fun, or a challenge
  • a belief, or as proof of belief
  • emotion or for emotional relief
  • comfort, pleasure... it just feels good to do it
  • stimulus or fixation on doing that thing, habit
  • ego, because I could
  • social/cultural belief  
So why we eat may be for no reason at all. Note that stimulus made the list. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Stimulus Driven Behaviors

So how do stimulus driven behaviors develop? Well they start out as goal driven behaviors, and then the goal dies off, it outlives it usefulness, and must be changed.  So in youth we develop a goal of eating enough to grow, it becomes a stimulus goal that encodes, then we slow down, quit growing, or were eating too much to start with, and we have a problem.

Does knowing that it is a stimulus driven behavior help with recovery? Knowing that we are powerless may actually help; we know not to start and to deny the stimulus as a stimulus, we can stay in the present moment and revisit the new goal, objective, we can stay in the conscious mind space, in the present time, we can go into a different automatic stimulus driven behavior. We can name it as an unwanted stimulus and perhaps move on.


Eating as a stimulus driven behavior

Eating, for normal people, is or should be a goal driven behavior. For we overeaters, eating is a stimulus driven behavior. That is one more problem we, the obese and exobese, face. I am not concerned about the overeater of normal weight.

Stimulus driven behaviors are encoded in the dorsal striatum, and we are powerless to change these. They are there, and we have great difficulty to de-encode them. We can stay in the conscious and in the present moment, or in some other locked in encoded behavior and avoid the stimulus, or falling into that particular locked in behavior, but this is not easy. That is the simple explanation of why it is so difficult to keep weight off, and why regain is almost inevitable. It is more struggle to keep the weight off as it is to lose the weight in the first place.

Stimulus driven behaviors can be as simple as liking food, and as a result, when it is available we want to eat. We are powerless over the desire. So we need to do something to dissipate the desire or we will eat. That is our life until death. So now what is to remain in the conscious, and not allow ourselves to drop into the automatic portion of the brain state, really like? Strenuous effort. What does it mean to be in the present moment full time? Strenuous effort also. Is it doable? That is the question.

Staying away from the stimulus is the obvious solution, but this may also be difficult when the stimulus are everywhere and food is everywhere. Once we are exposed to the stimulus, we need to move ourselves into the present, and conscious state and do the next right thing before we sample the goods. It is a tough assignment. Waking 24/7 attention. OK.

from SpringerLink: aka Automatic behavior; Stimulus-driven behavior,

Stimulus-bound behavior is commonly found in frontal lobe syndrome and other executive functioning disorders and is a response to stimuli in one’s environment – an externally oriented cognitive approach. For example, the behavior displayed seems to depend primarily upon available objects and subject predisposition, rather than the activation of a specific drive such as hunger, anger, sex-drive, etc. A person exhibiting stimulus-bound behavior may feel the need to use certain items present, regardless of a need to do so. The behaviors are often perseverative in nature and focus on partial information. Immediate stimulus-bound behavior often does not take into account future consequences or long-term outcomes and causes difficulty with planning, organizing, and behavioral initiative.

from wikipedia: perseverative --
In psychology and psychiatry, perseveration is the repetition of a particular response, such as a word, phrase, or gesture, despite the absence or cessation of a stimulus, usually caused by brain injury or other organic disorder.[1] Symptoms include "lacking ability to transition or switch ideas appropriately with the social context, as evidenced by the repetition of words or gestures after they have ceased to be socially relevant or appropriate,"[2] or the "act or task of doing so,"[3] and are not better described as stereotypy (a highly repetitive idiosyncratic behaviour).

So how do stimulus driven behaviors develop? Well they start out as goal driven behaviors, and then the goal dies off, it outlives it usefulness, and must be changed.  So in youth we develop a goal of eating enough to grow, it becomes a stimulus goal that encodes, then we slow down, quit growing, or were eating too much to start with, and we have a problem.

Does knowing that it is a stimulus driven behavior help with recovery? Knowing that we are powerless may actually help; we know not to start and to deny the stimulus as a stimulus, we can stay in the present moment and revisit the new goal, objective, we can stay in the conscious mind space, in the present time, we can go into a different automatic stimulus driven behavior. We can name it as an unwanted stimulus and perhaps move on.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Where is the desire to eat actually at?

When the desire to eat actually at? Is it in the gut, or just a mind sensation? Depending on who' paper one reads, it varies. And when we get right down to it, it may be all of the above.


The point to all of this is that 12-step recovery recognized (before the limbic system was described) that we all have this tendency to do what we don’t want to do and we are powerless about certain behaviors. Understanding this automatic behavior allows us to surrender to what we cannot control. It frees us to do the next right thing by staying in the present rather than worrying about the future or being shamed and experience guilt about the past. It takes practice. And more practice.

So this suggest the desire to eat is encoded into the R or L portions of our brain and recognizing this, that we are powerless over the desire allows us to let go of the desire and not act on it. Well OK, he can think that, but is it true?

Understanding that this behavior is automatic is likely true, as that is the way it feels. 

So ties it all to eating perhaps.

The stimulus may vary (boredom, anger, happiness, sexual frustration, fear, or anxiety) Ah but, the stimulus may have long been fixed, but the habit or automatic behavior remains... so we are left with distraction... in the present time.

So what do we have... a trained in automatic response to presence of food... so how does one beat that????  so what is a habitual behaviors, automatic behavior. Given the presence of food, the desire to eat arises, and likely the action.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Enough is Enough.

“enough is enough” It is time to make that big behavioral change again.

A good summary of addiction, as I understand it can be found here:

 Overeating is a chronic behavioral and mental condition with comorbidity similar to alcoholism. It may also be an inability to deal with the situation we live in. Often the situation is not inducive (or inductive) to a good life, but it is what it is. Now it is about learning to live in the situation we find ourselves in.

There is too much we need to learn to get through life. Each educational professional has there own preference for what is important, and so much is missed, or time is wasted teaching wrong information like religion. And then we are out of time, like learning that marketing misinformation is not suitable for diet decisions. Skim milk is a bi-product, pig feed in my youth. Today it is the recommended food. Barley likewise. Oh well. Stoic philosophy, on the other hand is seen as unimportant, yet has proven to be useful, not as philosophy, but a way of life, of thinking, of being and of understanding other people, complete with their ironic and wrong beliefs.  You can believe what ever shit you want to. The prime directive applies.

It is time to sort out more wrong information. Weight control is more about what lies between metered meals. Get on with life.