Sunday, July 31, 2011

Causes of overeating

It is a common belief that people eat because they lack energy, but this is not likely. Fasting experience shows this to not be true, in the first 3 to 7 days, after, possibly, but that is out of practical range. Hunger (the physical stomach felt) mostly disappears after the third day. Cravings and appetite are far different and are the mental and physical head felt drivers of eating, and are the primary physical reason we eat. These are caused by a host of issues; there is enough for a book there. For obese people, energy is not one of them, other than as a idea or thought driven habit to eat at meal times.

When I expressed the following: "Nutrition is the conglomeration of items: minerals, vitamins, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Statement like this are misleading by the use of the word “nutrition” when it is calorie intake that is the target, likely carbohydrates given the typical Asian diet. These people are often sub-clinical deficient in minerals, vitamins, and protein, but get excess sugars and starches and omega 6 oils. These peoples often suffer from “nutritional displacement”, too much low nutrition, high calorie sugars and starches, according to the Price Foundation."   Note that we obese frequently keep eating in a attempt to get enough vitamins and minerals, food addiction, emotional issues including stress, and spiritual, conceptual, habit issues (not physical or emotional). 

The comment I received back got me thinking of the common misconceptions of the common people in relation to weight loss diets, the issues of obesity, food industry, and related subjects (all from the view of the recovering grossly obese). 

Here what I received as a comment. "Scientists are very precise in their use of language. The fact that you’re focused on minimizing the amount of energy you take in while a maximizing the micronutrients (I assume; hope that’s not off base) doesn’t change the fact that the main reason people need to eat is for energy. For example, starvation is primarily defined by the amount of energy available to people through their diets. When I first heard the word “nutrition” used that way, I was surprised too. Then I realized that it makes perfect sense."

First, "Scientists are very precise in their use of language." This is a misconception: Scientists try to be very precise", except when there findings are not what they want: Just look at Ancel Keys six countries study, Scott Rubin- ... fraud. Science is wrong a lot, internal estimates place it a 20 to 50% of the time. Papers often provide "prudent" recommendations that are not supported by the findings.

Next "doesn’t change the fact that the main reason people need to eat is for energy." (no fact there, rather a idea, a concept, a misconception) is not the primary reason any of my obese colleagues group or myself eat, or ever honestly admitted to. It is used as an explanation and as an excuse. It may apply to normal weight people, but not likely to the grossly obese, unless they have partitioning issues, which are rare.

Starvation is not a subject that I have any interest or knowledge. Honey badger attitude. No SGO6.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Protein Reguirements

In Carbohydrates can Kill, Dr. Mary Vernon, Dr. Eric Westman state that protein requirements are 1.2 grams per kilogram of lean body mass. This may go up to 2.0 with active people. Other recommend 0.8 to 2.0 on body weight.


Lillian story of frustration is how I felt before stumbling across Phil Maffetone's Two week test for carbohydrate intolerance, and discovering the low carb world of alternate theory of diets. The self testing makes it apparent to me that much of what is said is true for me.

It is sad that we, the population have become dependent on the medical industry. We do not need to be if we take care of ourselves, and learn how to eat Paleo, Primal, real food low carb aka LoBAG, or any of the other methods.

The reason this propagates comes back to the old story; If a priest could remove all evil, would he? for when he did, he would be unemployed and unneeded. The medical industry is in the same boat today, but they would only be half unemployed, for they do much other good.

It is now my opinion that with giving up sugar, grains, omega 6 oils, and all manufactured foods, anyone can lose weight, and low carb can correct blood glucose issues. Follow something like "A Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars Achieve normal blood sugars Dr. Richard K. Bernsteins Diabetes Solution." for even non diabetes will correct blood glucose issues.

In order to lose fat weight, our blood glucose must below 4.7 mmol/l (85 US mg/dl). Glucose 1 mole = 180 gms, so the factor is 18 between the units. When glucose is high, our body will burn glucose, not fat.

Full store at

Friday, July 29, 2011


McDonald's' salads are sugar water washed to reduce browning, and there burgers are fructose sprinkled to produce browning, so how do they process those apple slices? Chemicals to be sure, but which ones. It seems to be a nitrogen tight layer of some digestible carbohydrate, applied in a nitrogen atmosphere. they must also have other preservatives as well. 

Preservatives are not good as we humans do not make enzymes to digest them or break them down into harmless chemicals.  Not hurting us much is not the same as being good for us to ingest. 

MacD used to produce reasonable green tea before I gave that up. Now there is nothing that I would eat from MacD's. They no longer produce real food.

Nutrition vs Calories

This AM Dr. Sharma stepped in it again.

Point 2 states"2) It is likely that the metabolic changes observed in South Asians may be prevented by avoiding chronic over nutrition, thereby preventing its consequences (including adipocyte hypertrophy, abdominal adiposity, and ectopic fat deposition). "

I object to the use of "nutrition" in this contest. Overeating would be a much more clear term.

Nutrition is the conglomeration of items, minerals, vitamins, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Statement like this are misleading by the use of the word "nutrition" when it is calorie intake that is the target, likely carbohydrates given the typical Asian diet. These people are often sub-clinical deficient in minerals, vitamins, and protein, but get excess sugars and starches and omega 6 oils.  These peoples often suffer from "nutritional displacement", too much low nutrition, high calorie sugars and starches, according to the Price Foundation.

One more reason to not to eat sugars, starches and omega 6 oils.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Exercise during weight loss

Non conventional advise for weight loss is to do resistance training.

Exercise during weight loss is critical to prevent muscle catabolism, that is the use of our own muscles for energy. This is a real occurring physiological process, and is destructive. Resistance training of some type is most suitable. Machines are the safest for obese and grossly obese. Take ever muscle to "failure" once per week at no more than 75% of your maximum strength. Resistance training stimulates anabolism, which will help with weight control, once the excess weight is reduced. Tabata, high intensity, SS, and similar forms have similar effect. More information can be found at

The amount of calories used is the sum of basic metabolism plus exercise. Unless the exercise is long duration, the total energy does not amount to much, and exercise will make us hungry, so we eat more. Intake must also be controlled, which is easier for me on low carb program. No sugar, grain, or omega 6 oils.

Personal Responsibility

It comes down to "if you do not take care of yourself, weight control is not going to happen."

The main stream advice will not help people with food addiction, insulin resistance, gross obesity. These need a lifestyle change, to low-carb, paleo, primal, hunter-gatherer or similar.

Calories are the accounting, they do not give good direction in a specific way. Take the supplements, they have few calories, and get rid of most cravings. Take care of your emotional and spiritual health, and that may give some relief from the desire to eat. Take care of your career, to get satisfaction. Learn to enjoy your life without excess food.

Weight loss will come as a result. No sugars, grains, omega 6 oils, manufactured eatable products.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Redundant Questions

This AM, Dr. Sharma once again raises the red flag with  Do we have a choice but to treat the youth? But in order treat the youth, they must first be able to treat the adults. The success the governments have at treating obesity is minimal, largely due to there moderation approach, ELMM, inconsistent and often wrong methods addressing the wrong problems. People who have a few pounds to lose cannot be compared with the grossly obese, what ever the politically correct term is. One size fits all is a wasted effort. The grossly obese need a major change in lifestyle to correct the problem. There is no use in arguing with an idiot.

The government must first recognize the other experts that do not follow the Canada good food guide, and instead treat insulin resistance, carbohydrate intolerance, metabolic syndrome, T2D and the like with a low carbohydrate diet of some ilk. There are a bunch of bacteria which some of us support that produce dopamine that feed off carbohydrates. Feed them and we become addicted; starve them out and we are near normal until we eat a carbohydrate rich meal, and the addiction returns. Such is life with food addiction.

There is another group of processes that cause an issue with excess omega 6 oils in many of us, and gluetin is another issue.

The cost of the medical intervention is massive: we have little choice than to deal with the root cause, the government promoting the wrong food plan since the Keys fraud. Paleo is the way to go, avoiding sugar, grains, omega 6 oils, and all new foods. Trans fats start life as omega 6 oils. It is difficult to gain weight on real food, without the  empty calories of starch rich foods. Watch the quantities of real foods with a caloric density above 0.5 calories/gram. Every thing else is just not food.

No SGO6, honey badger attitude.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Grain Pushers

Grain pushing is a crime against the obese and grossly obese. There is a big difference between people who need to lose a few pounds and the obese or grossly obese. Comments that may apply to those who need to lose a few pounds are harmful to the grossly obese. Moderation does not deal with food addictions.

The gross obese need a life style change that understand digestion physiology can bring. Addicting food should be completely avoided, just as alcohol must be avoided for the alcoholic.  There are no essential carbohydrates, and carbohydrate consumption increases hunger in many overweight people. The grossly obese need to follow a no sugar, no grain, no omega 6 oil plan for life for long term recovery.

Grain pushers, sugar pushers, and manufactured eatable product pushers do a major dis-service to the obese.

No SGO6, maintain a honey badger attitude.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Self reporting data - how reliable is it? ... Not very.

After supper, the clean up, and that one remaining 1/2 burger, crisp, just sitting there. Is it recorded in the food diary? not likely. 30% under reporting anyone?

What value is a self reporting study, Dr, Sharma? ... Well, it likely supports the authors opinion, or that of the funding organization, or makes good press, else it would not have been published. Much sees the press because it makes good press.

But what would I know. No sgo6, and honey badge attitude today.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


After Paul Halliday comments:

It is my opinion that our minds are overriding our instincts to such an extent that we cannot rely on our instincts. Now we need to learn how to live without instincts, or is it that change is occurring just to fast. This may be due to my low level of physical activity, but after a long day of sitting, I have had all I want.

This is where Micheal Rose's 55 come in and I exit.

No sgo6 and a honey badger attitude.

Calories-the Accounting

Calories are an concept that has limited use for weight control, keeping in mind that Atwater factors ate plus/minus 20 percent at best, and for some people +- perhaps 50% for some food groups. They are useful with a scales, for approximating sizes of portions, but the final adjustment must be based on change in weight.

Calories are like the accounting, they may keep a record of the past, but contribute little in the management of the body weight. (but everything is negative) If a company was loosing money, the first thing to go would be the non-essential loss leaders. Each product has a separate gross profit, just as foods. I equate carbohydrates to the loss leaders. They provide a high contribution to the fat building through hyperinsulinemia. After that, we need to look at the quantities both fat and proteins. The fats can contribute to fat growth, but on the whole, we do not need that much of them while we lose weight.

Cut the carbs to some low level, set the protein at some level, eat enough fat to not get hungry is what Bernstein says, and vary the fat to adjust our weight. That works only if we can do it. Addiction, compulsions, emotions, stress, and our lives push us off the plan. Such is life. When we fall off, dust off the crums, and get back on the plan.

Piss on mad cows.   No SGO6.  Honeybadge.

Mad Cow

Today I was attached by a mad cow on the internet.  I will not be commenting on other blogs in the future to prevent attracting the attention of any other negative aggressive personalities.

There are too many people who cannot withstand considering that there understanding of obesity is not complete. Overweight have lesser issues than the grossly obese. We gross peoples often have food addiction, and she could not accept that. Oh well, shit happens. Mad cows exist.

I still believe that omega 6, sugar, grains, dense starches are addicting. The only proven treatment for addiction is complete abstinence. Moderation is a suckers game and does not work, at least for those who have addiction issues. Complete abstinence of these become a new lifestyle. 

It is obvious that not all people are addicted, and I do not represent anyone. Mad cow just exist. Maybe it was her time, or I was just there. Oh well.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Addiction to Food

Suppose some foods or combination of foods are an addictive substances, now that we know bacteria can manufacture dopamine and serotonin, and these both are addictive. Or rather, the food feeds bacteria, which produce dopamine and serotonin which feeds the addiction. Now, the simple solution is to live on foods that the bacteria who produce these substances do not eat; or do not feed dopamine and serotonin producing bacteria. But I do not know what those bacteria eat, but sugar and carbohydrates seem to be addictive. I will start there.

To aid this suppose we drink cold water, which slows bacteria growth. Is this why cold water reduces hunger?

Maffetone has his two week test for carbohydrate intolerance which is similar to Atkins Induction, lets just add cold water to the protein, fat and green vegetables. Sounds like Bernstein now. This is another n=1. But this is day 4, since after getting back, I went back to Maffetone to get started another cycle of cutting.

Hunger is slightly reduced, but sill there and temptation is always present. The low impulse control and leaky memory are always present. Energy is always low anyway.

Any comments or other ideas?

Saturday, July 16, 2011


At Emily Deans notes:

Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species are known to produce GABA. Escherichia,Bacillus, and Saccharomyces produce norepinephrine. Candida, Streptococcus,Escherichia, and Enterococcus produce serotonin. Bacillus and Serratia produce dopamine, and Lactobacillus species produce acetylcholine.

So is this why some of use overeat? Is it the product of the bacteria that is the reward for our brains?

So if we stop feeding the bacteria that produce the serotonin and dopamine, will the desire to eat go away?

If I use cold water, does it slow the bacteria growth and reduce the reward? If cold water reduces the reward, it may be the way to wean off the food (eating only specific low reward foods) to a point that the hunger/craving disappears.  

Any views, comments, ideas on the subject?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Water Experiment n=1

We just got back from the BC "holiday" visiting the family for two weeks. Two days of stressful driving included on each end of that holiday, so mellow is not my condition.

During this time I ate well, to satiation, satiety, and low carb, high fat. I am up 7 kg, (in 16 days) and BG am at 6.1. It is time for another cut cycle. Cold water should require 35 C per liter to warm to body temperature. I think I will try cold water as a delaying eating tactic. I am always hunger, satiation and satiety are just concepts for me, they do not exist at constant weight. Once again I must live hungry. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

More Food Industry Disinformation.

Today I see that the popular media is reporting on a new "Coke does not cause obesity" study. This is what I have come to think of as disinformation. These are marketing slogans, statement that sound like facts but are really at best are marketing slogans or outright falsehoods.

Artificial sweeteners trigger the release of cephalic phase insulin if we have any. Insulin is released in three phases; basal, cephalic, and postprandial. (names vary) (see Dr. R. Bernstein for more details) The cephalic phase is released on the ingestion of sweet foods, based on taste. From the taste, we cannot tell which we are tasting, sugar or artificial sweetener. If you think insulin is the enemy, artificial sweetener should be on the poisonous heap of foods.

Healthy whole grain is a similar marketing slogan that is often taken as fact. Grain has a high caloric density, close to 4.0 for dry grain, a low nutritional density, close to olive oil. There is no reason to eat grain, and two reasons no to eat grain. After processing, it becomes a great tasting slow doses dependent poison. It has become even higher in caloric density and lower in nutrition with chemical fertilizers, selective breeding,  and other modifications including GMO. (see Dr. Davis, Heart Scan Blog)

As a youth, I fed grain to hogs. Most of the time now, I just think of grain in any form as hog food, and any desire to eat the stuff just goes.

Thank you Jimmy Moore

It's a red letter day. When Jimmy goes away for a few days off, he puts out a list of blogs for additional readings. Today, I made the list. Thankyou Jimmy.