Sunday, December 30, 2012

On Traffic

Marcus Aurelius 2.1

Say to yourself first thing in the morning: Today I shall meet people who are meddling, ungrateful, aggressive, treacherous, malicious, unsocial. All this has afflicted them through their ignorance of true good and evil. But I have seen the nature of good is what is right and evil is what is wrong;

So:  Today as I venture forth into traffic I shall meet people who are aggressive beyond reason, in a rush to get wherever, speeding toward their death, and the road slugs, and oversize who require assistance. I will encounter those ignorant of traffic law, and those who claim the right of way, displaying there hubris. They now not what they do, and they are ignorant of traffic laws, speed limits, and how much they risk the lives of others. All this has afflicted them through their ignorance of true good and evil.

I will encounter the highwaymen and the revenuers taking pictures. Forgive them, for they are just trying to make a living.

Focus, as though it were the last day of your life, and if we fail to do, it may be.

Marcus Aurelius...I can neither be harmed by any of them, for no man will involve me in wrong, nor can I be angry with my kinsman or hate him; for we have come into the world to work together...

Something happened with comments; Lori said: Given the Stoics' reverence for reason and living in accordance with nature, they'd be all over paleo and/or low carb if they were around today. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Duty of Care

We, I, owe a duty of care to myself. What does that mean? The I that I speak of is the awareness, the logical, the reasoning I, consciousness I. The self, the non consciousness I includes body, emotions, and the like, which are not responsible, has irrational desires and genetic impulses. It is not responsible, but just is.

Once I rapped my mind around this, that my mind has two parts, only one of which is responsible, that reasoning part of the mind is responsible for all. It has a duty of care for the remainder, which is beyond my power, beyond my control. That is the Stoic way of thinking. It is the thinking, believing that makes it so, just as the belief in a god makes it so. The effect is real, whether the belief is exactly right or not. It is this reasoning portion which has the duty of care, stewardship, and that the body must follow, not the desires, which everyone sells to, promotes food to, like the taste of exorphins, and the like.

It is the duty of reason to control the food it the body wants to much of the wrong foods. We go wrong through ignorance not intent. Our bodies and desires trying to control. But no. Reason must. We must not go through life "jerking to the strings of selfish impulse and desires.", even though the media, religions and marketers (the modern highwaymen) would like that.

That is not to say religion is all bad, they do have some useful concepts. "Lead us not into temptation (home of food pushers, old girl friends) and deliver us from evil (modern highwaymen, old employers)". Oh well, shit happens.

Please feel free to express any thoughts on this subject or any other burning desires you may have.


Monday, December 24, 2012

Mental Objects

Ideas, concepts and the like are mental object. A mental object is just something some of us call any of these. When we look at something, we create a mental object of that item in our mind, when we thing about something, or even an action, feeling, each are mental objects.

It is to these mental object that we react, not the object it's self. Until this is established in our minds, we flail.

A common mental object is god. It is not a real object, but a mental object. Thinking it is real makes the effect real to us. But this is just an example. Now that we know it for what it is, we can move on.

Now, we can say that desire to indulge in food is also a mental object, and it is the desire that must be looked at to suppress it. It is the job of reason to crush desire into something suitable for human consumption.

The ego is a defence structure which automatically defends us against anything that could change our thinking, and create a "problem" for us to resolve. It was created in the mind by the mind and is just another mental object that springs into action of defence. It means nothing. What are we? A collection of mental objects, plus a body.  

The concept of a mental objects puts life into perspective.  It is the foundation for moving forward into the new world of tomorrow, that  is entirely unknown. We react only to mental objects, and the words are just dull pointers to the idea. There are many pointers, and many handles. The handle I have grabbed is mental object.

Mental objects go through a "conversion matrix", and some come out as "volitions" or actions, other take up other parts, like verbs, or modifiers. Some just stimulate other mental objects that cause pain. But these too, are mental objects. we can see them as mental objects and let go of them, and accept that which is, and move on.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The answer to obesity lies in personal philosophy

I have come to the conclusion that the answer to obesity lies in a personal philosophy that put food, society and life in the proper perspective. It also need to put many other things into proper prospective, and provide defence against the "forces of evil." 

I have gone through live without examining many things in detail, the detail that they deserve. It has become apparent to me that this country, and the US to the south, were founded on the principle of greed, packaged as "anybody can have anything if the work hard enough" or steal enough, or either, we are not particular.  The people with true ethics will often fail, and fall onto the scrap pile of humanity. We need resilience to pick ourselves off that scrap pile, and stand without grovelling, begging, or compromising our ethics. 

Reading the Stoics, it has become apparent to me how sick this society really is and what some of the issues really are. The first is that I am basically uneducated in the ethic, morals, and similar areas.  I say that, having gone through high school, 2 years of technical training, a B.Sc. in engineering, and enough post grad courses for two masters degrees, and 40 years of studying at nights. (those damn thesis were just too much crap).  That is not to say that we are all sick, but our society is like a barrel of bruised apples, or potatoes, destined to rot quickly. It is time to study ethics for a while.   

Yoni got me going today:
Professional Beggars are good at separating you and your money. These well paid groups study how to get you to reach in your pocket and give. The defence is to recognise this, and explain this to children early. You must realize that little of the fund raising money actually reaches the intended target. It is another form of buddhist theft, taking money and using it for purpose that it was not intended for. The solution is all in your personal philosophy.

Gouging is also theft  even when is just the rounding error in cents, that always goes to the banks. The financial industry are the worst offenders, but what do we do? Use barter? Trading goods or just cash? 

Sunday, December 16, 2012


What are my expectations of the food industry? To have available at the store, fresh produce and meats. That's all, not to much. But what do they provide? Well, that is a long list of processed foods that are slow acting poisons, dose dependent, that somebody must be consuming. But the customer votes with there feet and wallets.

Now I know that the farming industry is one of the lowest paying industry, and one must be large to survive to the standard which we would like to be at. That is the problem, expectations. Happiness is meeting our expectations. If we have no expectations, or our expectations are small, we should be happy. I am more or less happy with the food industry, as a consumer. We have a good little butcher shop, that sells good meats for every day, but there cuts are a bit large for a retired couple. Oh well, life goes on. Most of the beef is grass fed, with grain added for finishing. That's mainly barley here, no corn, although, some are trying corn for fall pasture, along with some grain swath feeding in early winter, often oats.

The market gardens are dying out here. The best land is being swallowed by cities, and due to climate and labour costs, we can import winter produce cheaper than producing it here. Oh, well, that life. Just too short, no mater how long it is. We have it good though, there has always been enough food in the stores, big storms are typically small in area, and our population is about what the land can support.

There is no doubt that I have lived through the peak of development, and from here society will be declining in some areas. Decay is occurring. The natives are moving in, along with the welfare, government support, and a culture of low effort and motivation of many. Government support of the conquered race should stop, and they need to make a decision; become part of society, or forever be on the margin. Yes, I am a bigot. I can accept there philosophy, but we should only support the ones that were alive at the treaty time. The remainder should either get into society, or be supported at the level of there ancestors, just enough to keep them alive in there youth and you years. It was said, by my grandfather,  "I never saw a grey Indian, when I came to this country in 06." (to Canada in 1906 from Iowa)

I have nothing of value to say. Thank you for reading this. Please feel free to express any opinion you like. I use my third finger for deleting.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Government.. bah

Responce to Sharma's Post 

I wish you all good luck with getting the food industry and the government to effectively address the obesity problem. Calories are just the counters of obesity, not the drivers.

We, the people, are the only ones that can change the obesity drivers. Appetite for processed foods, sugar, grains, and the like that taste great, according to our minds, is what drives consumption, in reaction to our endocrine system. It is our minds that need adjustment, and the government will not go there. Once we realize how dangerous sugar, wheat, grains in general, omega 6 oils, exorphins, and all those other chemicals are, we, the people will not eat them. A chain reaction can be broken at any link. Problem reduced or solved. Processed food is what is driving obesity.

Now I know that Sharma is opposed to elimination of specific food groups as a solution to obesity, but it works. Look around and I have found many normal sized, and exobese people living well on the Paleo / Primal / whole foods / real food life style.  It is realizing how damaging those exorphins really are that is being added to processing as flavour enhancers and preservatives that provides the solution, as these create the majority of the problems.  

Fructose is mainly stored as fat, beyond a few hundred calories. We need to deplete free glucose and get through hunger before we can start burning fat. Sugar is half fructose, HFCS is even higher. 

Matforman is a drug that slows the production of glucose from glycogen, which reduces the morning glucose level. It also keeps the glycogen storage full, which speeds the production of fat. The other side of the coin, it therefore encourages the burning of fat for energy, reducing the time need to switch to fat burning, and reduces hunger. It has the same effect as stopping eating carbohydrates. How about that?

Our personal aim should be to make government food policies redundant by ignoring them and living well at a reasonable weight with real food. That has been achieved by many exobese by changing our attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge about digestion, eating, food, and life in general.

It is not necessary for you to believe as I do, but it is one proven method. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Reframing - bullshit

I do believe that obesity does need to be reframed, but not anything to do with calories. I believe it need to be reframed as wrong beliefs in respect to what food is, and is not. It is an food-endocrine problem, not total food energy as measured by calories. Calories and metabolic use are different issues. Many of us are carbohydrate intolerant. We make fats from carbohydrate, not usable energy. There are also other wrong beliefs, like eating when hungry; it is better to eat to little and deal with hunger than eat to much. Obesity is worse than hunger; therefore choose hunger. Obesity is worse than cravings, therefore endure cravings; this to shale pass.

Food does not contain sugar, wheat, omega 6 oils, exorphins, exocannopioids,  endocannopioids, or hormones. Grains, nuts, and starches should be very limited. For older overweight people, carbohydrates and protein should be limited to your height in meters, squared times about 20 grams. Use fats to adjust your weight, after those cuts.

There are things that are worse than death. Slow death, in suffering, for one. Obesity is just slow painful death for the old with medical problems. If you come from a death denying religion, you could have a problem with this.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stoic Dip

This morning I awoke at 4:00 AM with hunger. It was severe enough to wake me. But now I know that it was due to too much carbohydrates last night, and the first true hunger is the gut signal that it is about to switch from external source of energy to internal source of energy. Oh well, there are worse things in life than hunger, like obesity.

I recognise that is a departure in thinking from what I used to think. If hungry, eat, was the old thought pattern. Perhaps it is the stoic stuff I have been reading.

Each idea, concept, is opened up and the belief behind that idea is explored. This is unlike modern approach where there is not time for looking at beliefs, of it is never taught, or I just missed it. Something so valuable should be looked at in a substantial way. I guess that is my next field of study, obsession. The stoics, and what they believed, one concept at a time.

Epictetus, ~300BC, seem to have realized that it is not the situation that makes the suffering, but our way of thinking about the situation. Secondly, he seems to state that we have no control over any thing out side of our bodies, and even our bodies. He claims that the only thing we have control over is our thinking, our mind, and I even doubt that any more. We may have control of portions of that, but we are losing control due to the electronic media constant input, and no recuperation, study of the crap being feed to us by the media.

Deep, substantial thinking is required, and not to much external stimulation. The US military teaches stoic methods to it's solders, but likely never calls it that. It divides thinking/acting/balance into five areas; physical, family, social, emotional, and spiritual. It teaches resilience and moral excellence to overcome the extremes of environment they experience. Its training includes honour, duty, respect are the superior attributes to strive for. It places republic above life, but that I cannot buy, for government are a bunch of self-centred demi-gods. But the US is a foreign power, so they can have that thought. I need not.

More study on the stoics I think.   
Link to US Army video 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas to an Alien?

On Sunday afternoon, I stopped at TimHorton's, at Walmart for a tea, and sat there to watch the zoo that is humanity. A thought came to me. How would you explain Christmas to an Alien? There is what I think of it all.

According to Christian mythology, Christmas is a celebration of  the birth of there first leader, although he was more of a philosopher than leader, without enough language to describe the ideas that he exposed. The concept of gift giving comes from something that was translated as giving of your self, which I believe is enthusiasm, motivation, effort, not monetary. By about the 12 or 13 century, gifts to the poor was started. It is all based on giving is to make us feel good, doing something for others.

It has become giving money that we do not have to stores in exchange to goods we do not need, giving those goods to others who do not need them or even want them, all as a gesture of something that we are no longer sure of and do not get. It is our duty to drive the economy, and little else. Many of the products we pass on are not good for humans (alcohol, sugar, chocolate), but those feed addictions, and are therefore the most desired of those in active addiction, and most feared of those in activate recovery.

This is all done by the unconscious, often under stress. The conscious step back and ask why are we doing this? It is great for the kids, and perhaps for the retired grandparents, but between these bookends it makes little scene. It is great for generosity, but I pay taxes, and that does my generosity just fine. The government is supposed to pass on enough for the poor to survive, if they toe the line.

All I need do is keep on breathing for today anyway. If I don't, it is all someone else's problems anyway.          

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Reward Theory

Reward theory is a concept that may be generally right yet wrong in several ways. It is not about dopamine but exorphins and exocannopioids. Sure it uses the same receptors, but these are not in normal concentrations. Some of it is just endorphins and endcannopioids being displaced, or production over stimulated, resulting in surging concentrations.  

It only effects a small subset of the population who are particularly sensitive to these peptides.  We a a self selecting subset of the population who are opioid sensitive, and are unaware of the real issue, and unable to break the cycle. Complete separation is required.    If can not accept this, it is your problem, not mine. If your endocrine system is saying eat, you are going to eat. No real choice there.

The solution is leave out wheat and dairy, and the hunger is much less. Cut sugar, grains and starches for weight loss. Balance the omega 3/6 by cutting O6. Eat meat without hormones. No SGO6EEH.

For those of us that have it, the proof is in N=1 testing.

The other proof is food addictive, usually sold as flavour enhancers, are increase sales by about 30%. Exorphins are being sold as flavour enhancers. These are also added to soft drinks for a double whamie.  

The brain is in a protected environment fed by our blood supply. The question becomes: Does insulin cross the BBB blood brain barrier in more than trace amounts, and does the BBB become insulin resistant? And if it becomes insulin resistant, how about leptin resistant? Insulin and leptin are big molecules, that do not enter cells, so what makes you think the brain sees them in the same concentration as they are in the blood? Look at the difference in concentration of insulin in the portal vein and in circulation. The liver stand between them. 

So you give the brain a shot of insulin, and it stops hunger, and what else? I will bet that a shot of insulin in the brain would stop lots of things, and it could also be near lethal. 

End of lecture. What is normal? Look at the magnesium levels during fasts. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Obesity has at least three areas that need to be simultaneously addressed, or in series, to beat obesity:

  1. Physical food issues, physical body issues
  2. Emotional / psychological causes of eating
  3. Philosophy of eating/not eating, of life, and what is food
Now that we know no SGO6EEH, how do we deal with the emotional and philosophic issues and what are those issues?

First eating for any reason beside hunger is an issue. Dealing with social food pushers, is difficult. Some of these people border on the insane with what they perceive a socially acceptable eating behaviour.  Their eating is disordered, and in one case a eating disorder is likely, but it is not causing them a problem, yet. Should she suffer an injury, look out.

This season is hell for use overeaters: Temptation everywhere.  I think I will just stay home. No problem. Society is sick.

Just how sick is our society. They do not know what they are eating, and have no connection with there food. We have 60% obesity. Does that not say sick society. So what is healthy way of thinking? What is a health philosophy? There are so many alternatives. See a Psychologist? The two that I know cannot manage there own lives, so where does that leave me? I went to see one about my eating problem, a government ( Capital Health) referral, and she was bigger than I was, and that was 60kg ago.

Perhaps I should just fall off the rails and adopt Tolle philosophy, totally, without question, or look at it compared to my current beliefs.

Feel free to comment of suggest an approach.       

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Insulin Summary

Steve does a nice summary of what insulin does

But that’s not all insulin does. It also 1) impairs breakdown of glycogen into glucose, 2) stimulates glycogen formation, 3) inhibits formation of new glucose molecules by the body, 4) promotes storage of triglycerides in fat cells (i.e., lipogenesis, fat accumulation), 5) promotes formation of fatty acids (triglyceride building blocks) by the liver, 6) inhibits breakdown of stored triglycerides, and 7) supports body protein production.

Steve does not speak of insulin stopping gluconeogenesis, unless point 3 referrers to that. But then the other source or my memory could be out to lunch.  

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Fat Organ

The fat organ converts FFA and glucose to triglyceride, the storage form of fat, within the cell. Everything has a cost, and our body has a pecking order for it's energy demand. First choice is glucose, fresh glucose. Then glucose from storage, then FFA and free triglyceride, ( some split into ketone bodies), then ometal fats, and lastly stored fats.

When we ingest excess glucose and overflow glycogen storage, it goes into fat storage first. So fat is first in, (after current demand), last out, if we are eating carbohydrates. It is no wonder we get fat with all the excess carbohydrates around that are really great tasting poisons to us easily fattened low activity persons.  

Friday, November 30, 2012


We can break overeating into chemical / endocrine issues, and behavioural issues, some of which are true compulsions, while others are habit or emotion / (psychological learned behaviours)  reaction in some form. An individual may have one or all of these problems.

For some of us, we find that most 'one size fits all solution' do not work, likely due to not addressing the real problem.

If we are chemically addicted to exorphins, it is essential to remove all the exorphins from our diet (wheat, dairy, nuts, oil seeds), and perhaps reduce the base input components to us building endorphins, like fructose. Like wise if we are addicted to exocannopioids. We need to eliminate the exo, (weed and the like). Keep sugars and things that turn into sugars low, and omega 6 oils low, to reduce the endcannopioids as well.

If we have insulin / leptin issues, we need to keep sugars low, and protein to the inappropriate level, and make up the energy shortfall through fats. There is no other logical choice but perhaps Sharma can find a drug.

Now lets turn to behaviours, as know the above, it is logical to comply for our health, regardless of what other uniformed/non accepting of the research people say, but it is your choice.

There are those like Kessler that think we have a choice. If you are in our addiction, we do not have much of a chance to chose.  There are those to, who will not acknowledged addiction. Often as they consume there caffeine, nicotine, opioid, stimulus, depressant, dopamine fix, self generated serotonin. They are unwilling to accept the obvious. Oh well. We always have dis-tractors of the problem, that pull us into one of the dead end tracts that make work for some of the less severe cases.

The behaviours are more perplexing to deal with. Substitution of one unhealthy compulsion for a less damaging one is one method of solution. (Schultz) That my be why I write now. It sort of works, except when I get frustrated at an idiot who will not do it my way, damn it. Then writing down the situation, and figuring out exactly what I feel, an inventory of sorts, helps and is also a psychological strategy.

There are those too, who have weight issues, that simply do not know what to eat and get sucked into the carbohydrate / insulin overshot / hunger cycle, which I see as a separate problem. It can become mixed in. Understand the problems, and the solution becomes easier to see. (Taubes)

There are those who deal with food reward problems (Guyenet), and those also get mixed in and become intertwined with any of the forgoing issues, making separation difficult and time consuming. It is only possible by much self study. Eating only for energy, no social eating, and celebration eating, all low reward bland food may also help. Keep the food pushers at bay. Avoid those temptress foods. They are evil.

Each think the understand the problem, but they all are like the four blind men feeling the elephant. All describing only parts.

There are those of us that use food to get us through jobs ( fill in the word) that we hate, but do only for the money, duty, security, or lack of choices. There are those of us who eat because we are low energy, and are trying to squeeze more that is possible out of our days. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

General Discontent

General discontent rant warning: if easily offended, go away now.

General discontent with the media food information, and especially weight loss information, is about how I could describe how I feel today. We were out for dinner last night with a person who makes this clear. ELMM philosophy, without realizing that a 1/2 hour of "exercise" makes less than 10% difference, and she feels energized after, while most overweight people feel drained after. We do not want to do it, and it is just draining.

General discontent with the political and medical community for lack of support for recovery, and the lack of useable advise. Someone would need to figure out that general discontent for the situation is one of the feed back loops that drives obesity. Discontent with the education required to make a living, and discontent for the meagre living most of us make, but then there are the few who have the right talents, and are in the right place at the right time, with the right attitude, to do well, financially. Some of them are vial humans, and some so far in debt that they are loosing at treading water. 

General discontent with how life turned out, with my likes and dislikes, and with my career. There are those who say follow your dreams, and take off, leaving the siblings looking after ageing parents. Perhaps it is duty, and to whom duty is owed, and to whom it is not. And all the bullshat, past tense?

General discontent can be a motivator, a reason to change things. There are things around me I can change, no more radio in the truck, no TV, no newspapers, just to much crap in/on them. No more putting up with the ignorant people who know less than I do about weight control; they can have there opinions even if they are wrong. Doing something against our will does not improve the situation.  

General discontent with sorting real information from opinion, and the verbose mode people, who take pages or much time to say little, and then miss the point, oblivious to the fact that they were in the wrong. I refer here to a car accident store, where the verbose driver-storey teller overtook a car turning left, and caused the accident with considerable harm to the other vehicle and driver, but was never charged due to rural police or something, and was totally in the wrong, but could not admit to herself that she was even years later. I never said a word about step 8 harm. None of my business.

Thank you for reading this. Please feel free to post your own thoughts or opinions on this subject or any other.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

How much Protein

How much protein do I need?

Short answer 1 to 1.25 grams per kilogram of lean body mass. Bit more if you are growing, athlete, or child growing.  Ok, now what?

Recall that BMI = weight in Kg / Height metres squared. So if we plug 18 as your LBM BMI, then 18 times your height squared times one is a first approximation.

Small frame female LBM BMI ~ 16

Large frame female 20. Males are 2 or 3 more, so, males
18, 20, 22 are typical, but some will argue that these are too large. Note that I have used 1 gm/kg. So, if you feel that is not enough, use what you like.

I also note that for me, excess protein drives hunger faster, and makes it difficult to stay on a diet. How about that; the opposite of what is often said in the media, and Dunkin diet. But then that is excess protein, not just a normal protein and nothing else for one day a week.

Day three started of no caffeine. Decaf tea is not so bad, but it would be easy to say that it gives me a headache, but then I know it is really caffeine withdrawal... Damn catholic church, supplying teas and coffee to Europe, and getting the population hooked on the shit. And then lying that it was good for us... more marketing to line their pockets. It is all about the money, power, and politics. They are just a massive meme system anyway.

But then what do I know. Thank you for reading this. Please feel free to post your own thoughts or opinions on this subject or any other.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How many Carbohydrates?

How many carbohydrates do I need? Notice that We would be approbate in place of I, but the food Gestapo may be watching.

Without looking further I have concluded 75 grams/day plus or minus 75 grams/day. Note the large spread, but in the low end. Eskimos get along with very little, but they eat more protein. It depends if we are eating excess protein or not, and all those things that drive glycolysis - the liver producing glucose. Glycolysis is the liver adding glucose to the blood supply.

So what drives glycolysis, and why is that important? Well, the liver does not store that much glycogen to split, perhaps a maximum of 30 or 100 grams of glucose, 120 to 400 calories, depending on our physical size. When we run low on stored glucose, we have an urge to eat, and if food is available, we, the obese and exobese, will likely eat. We are a self selecting subgroup of the population. If we are on low carb, and in the morning, we may not have much glycogen on board in the liver.

So what causes a demand for glucose that the liver must react to? First stress, anger, frustration, pressure, conflict, any negative reaction causes adrenaline; epinephrine, to the Yanks. Also note that outside the US, a Yank is any US person. Also some other "emotions" boredom, fatigue, also produce the same effect. Good old fight or flight response, whether we chose to fight or flight.

So how much carbohydrate do I need? well there is a "self test" that can give an indication, Maffetone two week test. A copy can be found here 

This is a good method of getting your personal number, and it changes over time, as we become better fat adapted. Atkins Induction Phase suggest 20 gm/day; Richard Bernstein, 30;  Mark Sisson, 50; I personally like about 75 grams of cellular carbohydrates.

Now one more thing; acellular vs cellular carbohydrates. Acellular are without a cell, aka sugar, ground starches, sugar is aquas solutions, and similar, are absorbed quickly and cause a rapid rise in blood sugar, and insulin. These are pure evil, and should be essentially zero in my diet, however trace amounts are not a big issue, say less than 5 gram lots.

Enough already. Thank you for reading this. Please feel free to post your own thoughts or opinions on this subject or any other. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Bad Diet Information

One more place to find bad diet advice, Overeaters Anonymous, or more correctly, no advice of use. There are not into providing information, only a method of arresting the problem, maybe. It is a philosophy, a religion, if you believe it and practice it, can provide some relief while you practice it. OA does provide a social setting, a network of support, but do not speak out of their box at a meeting, or face lynching.

It does aim a biased light onto the problem, and it does offer an no questions policy that can be useful, but not for gathering nor spreading real information. OA does offer a framework for cleaning up our life, but nothing much with respect to real information about the food or obesity problem. Some people say it stops development of the emotions, but that is not what I have found, but then, I do not believe in a god, but in chemistry of food and psychology/philosophy for the mind. It is to this "change in thinking" that the works or crudely points, but in the 1930 religious meme thinking.

OA, itself, is a meme system, and if you believe, it can help, but not cure. We need a cure, and until then, I will use the OA system.

But what is the connection between adrenalin producing situations and overeating?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Two Populations

We humans are living in a time of excess food, and our bodies are preparing for the expected famine. We have considerable excess digestive capacity. This generations need is far less that even the previous generations. In addition, our food supply has become contaminated with appetite stimulus - exorphins and exocannabinoids. We have a cultural lipophobia and miss-information.  

What happens if we mix two populations with one characteristic different, and then look at that population as one population, and study the characteristic?

Lets say, for this exercise, we have two organisms, one that has preference to burn carbohydrates, and a second that preference is to burn fats. What will we expect the data look like, in terms some measure of health, measured in terms of probability?

Now what if we put the human situation in this environment
a) population energy need, normal distribution
b) carb centric food recommendations, large left skew
c) fat centric need of some (most, all, ) humans, large right skew

Solution: get over this culture of lipophobia, eat good fats, attitude adjustment, sound food information ---> seperation of facts and marketing carbage, all at the individual level.

Potters five

importance of K2 A D

Harry Potter's Five Steps

(1) Prepare for the challenge.
(2) Surround yourself with support.
(3) Engage in positive self-talk.
(4) Focus on what's at stake.
(5) Take appropriate action.

But before this, we need to identify the problem, and believe there is a workable solution. But thanks for the outline of this part. More positive thinking stuff that cannot work without unlisted parts.

When I was grossly obese, I knew I had a problem, but I did not know what it was. I was driven to food, and could not follow any reduction diet. The available information did not address in a useful way my problem, and actually was causing my problem. I was insulin resistant, and always hungry. I need to be on a high fat diet to get out from behind the hunger eight ball. I also must not eat any exorphins that drive appetite, and hunger. If you are preparing for a weight loss battle with a sugar rich diet, and you are an obese person you are going to lose. You will also "lose more weight from chemistry than physics" (thanks, Tess).

By the way, Monsanto has released some more evils onto the world, and some are exorphins and poison for humans. They are becoming the human nemesis.

Problem identification is really where the difficulty is, along with the attitude adjustment necessary to maintain. We need to identify all the stress ors in our lives, and learn to deal with all of them. We will also find our support requirements change, and many of the supporters become detractors as we change to what we need to be, and need to believe to survive.

Monday, November 12, 2012

A great power

Soy / Corn GMO foods supply
Remove GMO,
sugar beat, soy, corn, cotton seed oil, rape, canola, aspartame, dairy foods IGH,  etc

Note: this is a lecture style, so those who want first person can do what ever.

The world outside of myself is a great power, much greater than myself. Organic Chemistry is a Power greater than myself, which I am not going to look at much. This post is not for people with arithmophobia.

It is my opinion that there are a set of human metabolic rules that generally meet reality. It is up to us humans to discover these rules and codify or record these.

As I adapt to new technology, some scribing will occur. But anyway, the above sketch shows two possible weight loss plans or philosophys. Sharp curves in the graph indicate changes in diet, smooth curves indicate body reaction. "A" curve is what should theoretically result from a two stage diet, a reducing diet and a maintenance diet. 
Curve "B" is what should result from a maintenance diet for life, set at a new level. Adjustment can be made to really set values.

There are a number of issues that will come up. Two things must happen parallel, adopting a diet plan and an attitude adjustment. The attitude adjustment will be found at and this blog will deal with the food issues. 

The requirements of diet, (the food program, for those who do not like the word diet), must be able for me, us, to stay on for long periods of time, life, at least 90% of the time. As there are 21 meals per week, call it 20 for easy figuring, 5% per meal, 2 meals off track. A word of caution though, if we overeat 1000 calories, and are trying to short 200 per day, you have lost a week in progress. Cheat days, meals, and the cheat attitude are a problem, so 100% compliance is ideal, or perhaps 3 or 4 "big meals" per year is liveable. 

Hunger can be an issue, so I suggest MCT, coconut oil, as an allowable snack nutrient to start with. The nutrition must deal with hunger long term.

To beat this problem as far as I have, I have had to learn about the digestion/metabolism of food, the human need for some, lack of need for others, the main food related hormones, and understand which foods are banned. Banned food are none of these, ever, foods, (SGO6EEH), and are often white. The why  of this RED LIST FOODS may also help keep us off them. I do not believe in moderation in stuff that causes problems, aka poisons.  Then there the addition of amber food list that are CONTROLLED QUANTITY foods, in which the poison is in the dose, and the essentially free foods, within reason, GREEN list, which typically are green. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012


A useful video:

My take on this is sugar is evil, fructose, glucose and lactate. We need none of these.

Wheat (and barley, rye) has three strike against, gluten, high caloric density/low bio-available nutritional density as modern processed and modern cultivars, and it is in appetite driving exorphins.

Protein in excess is damaging, better to be under than over.

Set carbohydrates as starches with high fibre, greens, perhaps a few stems and roots. 30 to 70 grams per day, enough to avoid sever dry throat.  Set protein at low but adequate level. Vary weight by controlling the fat.

Avoid hormone rich meats, factor pork and chicken. Avoid exorphins, endocannabinoid, omega 6 rich foods, processed foods.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How much?

This is just a reminder nag.

Set carbs as low as possible, protein at about 1 gm per kg of lean body mass, and fat controls the satiety duration.

Appetite is driven by fructose and glucose being consumed. Keep then near zero. Any carbohydrates being consumed should be complex fibre and starches, mainly cellular.

How much carbohydrate do we need... very little. Eskimos have zero in there traditional winter diet, except if they snag a piece of several varieties of  seaweeds, and caribou droppings, occasional Arctic hare first cycle droppings if they scare up the hare before they have finished. Note that the Arctic hare eats lichen, and then eat there own droppings, a two pass system, to get the nutrients out.

Fructose, glucose, and starch are caloric equivalent but metabolic handled far differently. Fructose is entirely nearly processed by the liver,  circulating concentrations are 1/1000 of glucose. Glucose mostly passes through the liver, and is circulated, where insulin drives it in cells that can handle glucose. Insulin resistance, aka, diabetes results when the cells are overfed. Insulin also controls storage of fats. Carbohydrates are absorbed at about 20 grams per minute from aquas solutions, while proteins and fats about 2 gm per minute, and from mainly the small intestines, each in there own section mainly. The large bowel allows bacteria to digest the food, and some is then absorbed.

Protein is mainly broken down in to peptides, and then absorbed. A few small proteins (gluten) can sometimes  slip in and cause problems. The proteins are recombined into what is needed or some can be converted to glucose through gluconeogenesis , along with any damaged proteins, glycerols, and some other stuff. 

Fats are either stored or free fatty acid (FFA) is burned for energy.

Adrenalin and cortisol gets dumped to the digestive system when that are digestion problem, or demand for energy. This has some effects; we tend to eat when tired, stressed, frustrated, bored, anxiety  not because of shortage of energy, but because of excess adrenalin and cortisol. Not good for us who have food issues.

So go find a job you like that is peaceful, satisfying, easy, pays well, is close by to avoid commuting and computing, and carry on... if you can find such a thing any more...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Growth Hormones

Are we consuming growth hormones in the food we eat? In the beef, in Canada, growth hormone is banned, and is used with less than regularly. In chickens, I understand, it is fed to some, for a while. In the factory pork, for sure, it is added to the food supplements.

Do we get a bit of it... probably. Is it a factor in obesity, well maybe it is the reason that lean BMI's have increased, and maybe it contributes, but it is one more straw to grasp at. Exorphins are far bigger reason. Perhaps I should say no SGO6EEH.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


The leading cause of obesity in rats is scientists.

Blowback or Blow back, I do not know. The dictionary defines it as unexpected consequence. I do not think it is unexpected, but is just unwanted. If one says anything not well received by the recipient or others, who take offence at the statement, blowback can be expected. With some people in my life, anything I say will cause blowback. Solution: spend no time with them, say nothing.

Buddha said that all speech should true and intended to be helpful. Where the recipient like it or not was of lesser issue. It should not be delivered if it likely to cause offence. So what about the idiot who is preaching wrong facts on the internet. Should one speak to them, or just accept that this is one more wrong idiot? I, personally think a light poke and expect blow back or ignore the whole thing are the two choices, in life and in virtual life.

My comment in Yoni's blog got me trying to create a rule to deal with garbage on some of the good blogs.

  "Nothing wrong with wheat. Yummy, yummy wheat! :) " 

It is that Yummy part that proves exorphins and the wrong reason for eating wheat, the taste sensation driven eating that a major obesity driver, combined with rapid digestion of much of the readily available energy, and insulin high rise, fast storage, rapid redevelopment of hunger, the worst food for anyone dealing with weight issues. Wonderful tasting poison for the less informed, or those who chose to ignore the known facts. It is in the knowing that make it a bad food choice, until then is is an uninformed choice. It is knowledge void that must be addressed.

If there message is generally good, then a light poke and expect blowback, but if there is no redeeming value, delete, or next---> and carry on, I think. Some blowback can expected as a rule in the future.

Attitude Change

Tess's comment got me thinking about yesterdays rant a bit more.

My attitude, when I was not working on the weight was always "the other factor" in my obesity (beyond SGO6EE). I expect that this will be found to be true in the future. There is a problem with the "we can do whatever we set our mind to" attitude, when it comes to life and weight. We humans like food a bit to much, likely a gene based characteristics. This attitude, combined with abundance of food in general, sugar, starches, seed oils and exorphins has led to the obesity problem. As long as the greed, self driven, and belligerent, non teachable attitude remains, the weight will remain. Is obesity the unintended consequence of  the "we can do whatever we set our mind to" attitude being carried too far?

The world will knock sense into us, if it does not kill us first. When we are young, we can carry the weight. As we get older, however, our joint take a lot of damage, Glycination of cartilage, and need to be unloaded. That simple. It has to become food is for energy only, not other reasons for consumption. As long as we are blindly driven, neither looking calmly backwards, and considering the next move forward, we are doomed to carry on, without change. Yes, reflection is required. Now is the only time we can change. The future is changed in the now.

We cannot use food to overcome the low energy, to get the last bit of "awakeness" out of the day. We need to accept enough, and lay down. The difference between "adequate rest" and "well rested" for me is about 1.5 hours per day. Greed and drive wants that time to "produce", which, as I consider, is largely wasted on this generations the current thief of time, the internet and/or TV.

It comes to priories. I must have clear priories. Wasting my time on the unteachable belligerent "full speed ahead" group does not make the cut.

Another time waster -->

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Rant warning. I am nobody, I sell nothing. Only opinion expressed hear.

Can you believe a over weight dietitian / nutrition person? Not in respect to weight loss unless they want to be fat, or are flaunting a current progressive weight loss condition.

Weight loss recovery requires desire to lose weight, willingness to do what is necessary, which includes eating a diet that does not stimulate appetite or hunger, and then reducing the total consumption to less than burn. That is just the accounting. We need exercise to burn the fat, without stimulating hunger. We need motivation. We need to avoid temptation. We need to avoid evil foods, sugars, grains, seed oils, exorphins.

We need to understand that the only acceptable reason to eat is fuel for our bodies. Social pressure, habit, taste sensations are not acceptable reasons. Any profession who does not generally concur is just blowing wind to keep his/her income, not offering real assistance to the obese to recover. Yes, there are things the obese do not want to hear, but that is their problem. To meet the buddha test, it must be true, and helpfully told, their liking is not of note. We can not use it in a hurtful way. But is also unethical to sell false testimony, knowing or unknowingly.

Assuming a relatively healthy person, it comes down to essentially energy intake after minerals, vitamins, and necessary fats are accounted for. Set the protein level, the carbohydrate level, and then set the fat as low as is practical. If you are lose, you are eating less that you are burning. Calories are sloppy measurement, just like a serving, what ever that is.

If you do not think exorphins are not addicting, you have never looked at the effects. The food flavour sales guys guarantee 30 percent increase in sales.

Obesity is a slow killer, not quick like drugs. The speed of the kill is irrelevant. But consider diabetes. It is carbohydrate intolerance, and it kills.

Enough rant, over.   I will delete your link.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Appetite Drive

What drives appetite?

I can say without an doubt that it is driven chemically / hormonal and possible cerebrally as well. The cerebral is not capable of over coming the chemical motivation; therefore the chemical must be addressed before the cerebral can come in to play.

Each of at least seven circuits, for the lack of a better word, must be satisfied.

  • leptin
  • insulin
  • adrenalin / cortisol 
  • serotonin
  • dopamine
  • opioid 
  • unknowns
To much or to little of any one will cause problems. These have two sources, internal or external. for example Exorphins / endorphins. To balance we need to not consume anything that will tiger production or contains those chemicals, for the lack of a better word.  

Now that is the trick.  But there are meals that work, and are reasonable in calories. The sum of the calories must also be less than we burn on average. This is a lot of unknown, and some of those unknowns are likely unknown unknowns. 

No SGO6EE, and Harcombe style meals are nice. There is not the low glycogen of  true HFLC, but my total calories are still deficient, with one low fat/carb meal per day. Total carbs from those 200 or so calories = 50 grams starches plus a few more each day, and it is still a low carb diet, less than 100, compared to SAD at 300 grams refined.

OH well, shit happens.

No exorphins Diet

After some review, the diet that comes the closes to no exorphins is Maffetone, and Harcombe is close, just needs a few tweaks. Harcombe has some interesting features. Meals are either carb based or fat based, and may not be combined. If the meat is fatty, then no carb rich foods, if you want carbs, then no fatty foods. That reatly reduces meal size and palatability  Grains other than rice and oats are outlawed. Carbs are limited to about 200 calories, once per day, so a potato, medium should be ok. Tweak required to Harcombe.  It does allow a few things that are not good unless you can eat them and maintain, yoghurt and processed meats. Both teach about food effects and reasons, which is essential.

Now that we have too many food choices, we need to learn about the food to be able to make good choices. It is information that is critical and short in the press. Some is just wrong. The US society thinks that anybody can sell anything to anybody. That is just wrong. It is unethical to sell, to those who do not know what they are buying, something that is not good for them. This of course supposes    that the seller knows, which is doubtful. The rule therefore is we should not eat it unless we know what it is and where it came from. Whole real food is about what that leaves.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

No Exorphins Diet

If I were to call myself an obesity recovery researcher, could I create and promote a exorphin free diet, with the hope of keeping myself on it? By the exobese for the exobese. Tough row to hoe. But perhaps that is what is necessary, plant garden, potatoes and hoe.

What would the diet look like: Maffetone, fresh fish, meat, poultry. No grains, beans, dairy, cheese, processed meats in the loss phase.
Vegetables, all kinds, but watch the volume of roots.

Perhaps a few safe starches on maintenance days, perhaps one in three days, or every second day. A cyclical diet, maintenance and loss days, no cheat or refeed days. Extreme changes may be easier to maintain then moderation of the existing diet. 

Some quantities would be necessary. No fruit in the weight loss stage. No added fats, other than for raw food palatability, aka salad dressings. Limited condiments with sugar or grains.  Water, tea, or coffee to drink. No sodas of any kind.

Willingness to follow, to be teachable, and learn about food properties. No arthmophobics, for we need to know all the properties of food to fix our diet, else we are just guessing.

Some daily exercise, weekly resistance training. Man was not designed to sit for eight hours in a day.

Is it doable, yes, I have been doing it. Set carbs, proteins, and adjust fats to as low as practical for weight loss. Crunch the numbers when necessary to get your "new habits" sized.

Any ideas or buy in?

Upstream or Downstream

Appetite driven obesity or hunger driven obesity? why not both, the mild cases have one or the other, we extremes have both.

When hunger strikes we eat, but it is easier to not eat with hunger as the driver than with cravings as the driver. When cravings strike we have little choice but eat or refocus, resist, go away. Either way, we are eating too much.

Danish volunteers who are paid to overeat spike insulin from 35pmol/l to 74pmol/l in just three days. Mice with zero leptin overeat massively, but do not show the same insulin spike. The insulin spike signifies insulin resistance, that characteristic antioxidant defence response to an excess of calories in the metabolic milieu. This does not happen with the early overeating phase of ob/ob mice. They are in metabolic caloric deficit, which they make up by eating enough to remain vaguely functional.

Absolute leptin deficiency appears to be a very harsh driver of fat storage. Losing this many calories makes you hungry. I guess some bit of the brain is involved in converting this state of actual calorie deficit in to a feeling of hunger, but that's not what interests me nearly as much as what is happening at the adipocyte level of calorie storage.

So what does all this mean? Do not eat no mater what, and when your ass falls off, oh well. Set carbs as low as practical, proteins as low as practical, fats as low as practical, and we should lose weight. Right? but some of us do not, so we need to cut further. Into hunger and craving territory. But hunger is relieved with just a little food. It is those cravings that cause the problem.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Assorted stuff

Note that a study was cancelled after 11 years. 45 to 70 years olds, one group were told to diet and exercise, harassed about diet and exercise, many DM t2, and the other group was just monitored. The group with just monitoring did better. Could this say the diet advices was wrong?

added later

Perhaps the diet advice should be eat fats. Not to much. Do not eat processed food, sugar, grains, seed oils, exorphins. But then they and the subjects would need to figure out what was in the food. Oh dear, the fear of learning, study, effort, change, confusion, fear of mathematics (Arithmophobia), etc.  They would need a ten dollar food scales, and a six dollar calculator, and a two dollar note pad. The cost!! The time!! (less TV) and the cost eating real food (less than processed food), but the cooking!!

Well on Saturday night, I went out and had a Chief salad that had a big bunch or cheese and processed meats. I lost weight before eating those, so although I expected some exorphins, I though it would be tolerable. What I could do just a few years ago, I cannot now. Is it the clean eating or just age and growing sensitivity? The craving came back sever.

Age increasing sensitivity and increasing sensitivity due to reduced intake are both expected. It is like the other side of Bernstein's law of  small numbers, the effect of a standard dose is larger if the halibut level is less, that is to say 1 in 4 is 25%, 1 in 20 is 5%, but one is the standard dose and 4 or 20 the halibut use level. Age it's self  will have an effect, but how does one seperate the two?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ban Exorphins

I am at peace with the world, as I look out into the falling snow, between me and the spruce trees, on this gray day. I know that we obese and exobese are just the canaries in the world, the leading edge of what is to come with the obesity endemic. We are the most sensitive to exorphins. The toe of the bell curve, Normal distribution, while the overweight are the middle of the curve and the thin just the other toe.

I am willing to do what is necessary today to overcome this issue, that is to not intake any processed food, wheat, or dairy products. A paleoish diet, or low carb, Maffetone, Harcombe, or even No White, or Pre 1900, any of those go along way as they are very low in exorphins. It is those mad food sciences, and the flavour enhancers that make clear the solution: Avoid all exorphins, natural and manufactured. These are appetite stimulus, and drive the chemical addiction or addiction like process that is at the root of the problem. Sugar and wheat are the two big that firsts must go. Insulin and blood sugar deal downstream, and may also provide a driver.

Harcombe has advantages in not combining fat and carbohydrates make each not very palatable, just foods.

I could call myself an obesity recovery researcher, and carry on writing, but I see willingness to follow a low exorphin diet for the remainder of my life is something that will require work, but I can do it for today. I have identified my problem. I know my solution, now all that is required is that I test it for a long time on myself, and sell the idea to others.

Overeating may also produces exorphins. There is suggestion of this in several places, but nobody has stated that yet. Oh well, more research needed.

Exorphins and endorphins drive appetite. That is the key piece. We cannot do much about endorphins, but elimination of exorphins is the first step.

Exogenous opioid peptides, gluten exorphins A5 and B5, drive postprandial insulin level up in animals  and is assumed to do so in human. On individuals tested, it does. But to really be sure, we would need to do a big study. Is this why background insulin levels have historically increased on average, since we have been able to measure them? I will suggest that that is the cause.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Exorphin Issue

Endorphins are natural produced internal "like" signals, and signal the desire for more. The receptors become damped with use, and take time to clear. While the receptors are damped, it takes more to reach the same level of sanitisation.

Enter exorphins, the foreign source of equivalent to endorphins, all the receptors know is we like, we want more. Our food intake becomes instantly in excess of need. Our food intake is being encouraged beyond our need, by the exorphins. We soon start to store fat, and the insulin driven storage starts. We begin to overeat because we are getting fat, in-addition to the exorphin driven desire.

The repair is to remove all (most) exorphins from our food intake. A1 - caseins, and gladin peptide are two of the naturally occurring exorphins. But wait, the food science guys saw another use of these, to increase sales. These are being used as flavour enhancers, and are being added to processed food and even "pink slime", aka finely ground meats. Therefore any processed meat, any processed food will likely have exorphins to encourage consumption.

Where does this leave us? No processed foods, whole food diet, harcome, Paleo, low carb or not.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


No sugar, grains, omega 6 oils, exorphins, endocannabinoids is a mouthful so I simply say No SGO6EE.

Each part of the list has specific reasons to leave these out of the diet. Sugar in the simplest is empty calories, without any nutritional value, but that is not all. Sugar is one glucose bonded to one fructose molecule. It is split by an enzyme found in the saliva, and absorbed in the mouth, esophagus, stomach, and upper intestine, at a rate up to 20 grams per minute. It does not hang around, when it is free, it just gets absorbed.

Fructose goes to the liver, little gets past. Blood concentration in namograms per litre, namomoles per litre,( atomic weight 180). It is converted into glycogen, up to perhaps 100C worth, and then into saturated fats. It causes insulin to lock in the fat, and some insulin to be generated, some think. 

The glucose goes to the liver after absorption, and passes through, the pancreases releases insulin, and the fat cells soak up the blood glucose like mad. The blood only carries perhaps 1 gram, so it is being soaked up almost as fast as it goes in. In the fat cell, it is converted to saturated fat for storage.

Now we have to go through the hunger stage, get insulin low, burn the livers stores of glycogen, before we can get to that fat to burn it. Sugar, in any quantity is not a good diet food. Having said that, a couple of grams per hour may help stabilize blood sugar, in some cases. (see R Bernstein, 2 gram solution in the Diabetes Solution).

Sugar and its more evil twin, HFCS, high fructose corn syrup, what ever it is called, along with those other names for the glucose fructose stuff, is essentially wonderful tasting poison once it is separated from fibre. Fibre slows digestion a bit. 

The poison is in the dose. Do not eat poison if you can avoid it. and for the who missed them, here is a list of videos



Monday, October 15, 2012


After we get rid of the causes of overeating, No SGO6EE, it is totally calories, and mainly fat calories, since we should be about 280 C of protein, and less than 200 C of carbs. Now that is not to say 3500C/pound of fat, but that number varies from person to person, by a about 25%. (see K. Hall), but for me the weight loss once slightly ketonic was direct relation to calories for about 1 year, at an average loss of about 5 kg/month. Then I quit monitoring and gained.     

I tested myself at about 600 C/day for a few days. After a few days of a fast, my volitional energy  really dropped. I could not get myself to exert myself, but could walk. I think it is the voluntary portion that drops. And if we feel like doing less, we do less.

When I was weighing food and computing calories on all foods with a CD greater than 0.1 C/gm, the stalls were explained with just calories. Without computing calories with CD and a scales, consumption can be +30% of estimated. Fat is the hardest to estimate. It leaks out of food and stays on the plate, in cooking utensils, and similar. It is difficult to get enough without dairy and seed oils.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

eating / overeating Another one looking at a fine tree in the forest, but is one of the small ones. The penny has yet to drop.


What drives me to eat?

  • Hunger
  • Hunger, gnawing
  • Good tasting poisons --- Reward Theory 
What drives me to overeat?
  • "munches" -- endocannabinoids and exocannabinoids
  • Excessive appetite --- Exorphins in addition to endorphins
  • Carbohydrate addiction like --- insulin resistance / energy partitioning / high insulin, glucose locked in storage, not available
  • Compulsion
Solution: Remove overeating; 
  • no endocannabinoid components, (glucoses, omega 6 oils); 
  • No exorphins, wheat, barley, rye, cheese, butter, dairy, chocolate, alcohol; 
  • LCHF
  • Schwartz  
but what do I know. I am only down 50+ kgs, and struggling to hold.
Perverseness is the key to recovery process / maintenance.

You can play around with the causes of eating all you want, but that is a very minor part of the problem. You go ahead and understand the little pieces. You can set as many dead end paths as you like.

The first step is a philosophical change that allows recovery, and then following a diet that this human body can follow day in and out until recovery arrives.

In an earlier exchange you told me that it is your reward theory that drives us, and it may be at the root, but reward theory is a negative term, and it suggests that we have control. No one I know has control of the munches when they strike. You can sell research all you want, but you are not part of the solution to my obesity problem. You may be part of the understanding as to why rat get fat, but not part of my obesity solution yet. It must be expressed in positive actions before it is of use to me.  Anyone has the right to believe any idiotic thing they want. Good bye.

Spreadbury got me going. It is not a single cause that brought about the obesity, but a combination.

When I read back in the summer, I read and concluded that acellular carbohydrate was a good term to describe the sugar, grains, and manufactured editable carbage available everywhere.

But all that ignores the other problems, the change in philosophy necessary for recovery and those other problems. A quote that got me going follows:

”If Spreadbury is right, the obesity solution is straightforward.”
is just so wrong I don’t know where to start.
My comments:

But, but…. when we know the solution, and live the solution, it all seems so simple…. Essentially, the solution is a Paleo-ist diet, perhaps even low carb paleo template, no exorphins, no acellular carbohydrate, no endocannabinoids components… simple… not easy. For a individual to take up the life style,- a philosophical change must happen -, if they have the desire, interest, energy, it works. For society as a whole, not so easy. In reality, the lifestyle must be sold to the individuals, one at a time.

It is the philosophical change that must first happen to be able to follow a LCHF paleo food plan. Without that, it will not work. Willingness to follow, willingness to believe without argument, the willingness to become teachable, are essential. Addressing just acellular carbohydrates is only one of the obesity issues. Appetite stimulation from exorphins is a big one as well, as is those pesty endocannabinoids over stimulation of “the munchies” are seperate issues. The only way is to understand these and have the philosophical change necessary for recovery to a near normal weight.

We need to test it on ourselves, and see what actually works. Enough fat intake to avoid hunger is difficult when all that is available is lean meat. Big issue. We need enough fat, and not so much protein. Bacon sort of ratios, protein to fat. We need to be mellow enough to avoid resentments, stress, and agitation. For today philosophy can help. Day tight compartments, and part day tight compartments, to avoid spill over of work issues into the evening and next day, a Carnegie concept, is useful. Remaining teachable is another big one, yet fixed in attitude enough to understand what others are saying without adapting. 

We also need enough fat until our insulin decreases, to avoid the second level gnawing hunger that does not go away. The first stage hunger goes away.  There are many things that I have learned in this weight struggle. Some day I should put all these together, as Jimmy Moore has, and I would need to add a few more. We stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

No Answer to Diet Question

Why is easier to cut 1000 calories for a day than 100? Duh, This does not make sense, not logical but I appears to be true.

Could it be that 1000 calorie cut is enough to get below insulin secretion level to where fat is released quickly, regardless of what we eat. Since I am reach stabilization at about 1600 C/day, 1000 cut does not leave much.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Canola Oil

Some of the canola oil is better than cheap olive oil. There is issues with olive oil being diluted and extended because it is a scarce commodity.  Canola oil, on the other hand is in search of more markets, especially the chemical extracted variety's.

Eatable canola oil from cold press is more reliable good than olive oil we buy at the supermarket. To test your oil, just keep it in the fridge. Mono will pour, pufa will not. Sorry, Other way around, eat the solids simple. Test before you yelp. Some is good, some less so, just like olive oil off the shelf. Consider Harvest Gold.

But using the fridge my be unreliable as Harvest Gold canola oil does not seperate, but becomes jelly like, viscous, at lower temperature.

and sharma on chioce , he understand but does not belief in low carb as a partial solution.

Follow Jimmy, after the rules.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jimmy Learned

I already knew too much protein did not work well for me.

Not enough fat leads to hunger, but exorphins issue make butter and cheese not a good idea. It takes effort to get enough fat. Bacon fried greens with lard for lunch.

I tried the urine strip, but gave up with pinks.

Too much food is always a problem. In my most successful weight loss period, I was having coffee for breakfast, a side salad for lunch with Strange Range Thousand Islands (Jimmy was the cook), and either a chief salad or chicken Caesar for supper. I was also so busy that there was no time to think. Such was life on the road at that time... building road in the north.

Blood sugar should stabilize with any low carb diet, but maybe I do eat to much sugars. Aka ketchup, HP sauce. 

Thanks Jimmy, for reminding me of those lessons.

and artificial sweetners

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Saturday, September 29, 2012


"In short, omega 6 fats are made into natural endocannabinoids, our own happy cannabis compounds. Smoking a ton of weed is associated with: hanging out listlessly on a couch in one's parents' basement watching Yo Gabba Gabba AND the munchies."

.... So it it our fat that makes us have the munchies ? .... a vicious circle, once we become heavy? .... is oil and fat consumption the easy way out ... Shangri-La Diet ... 

After Hunger

If we were designing a energy system to run on either fresh fuel or on stored fuel, before switching to stored, it would call for more fresh fuel. Failing to find more fresh fuel, it would start to switch to stored, while finishing the fresh fuel. It would also start to conserve energy. There is one more twist, short term storage of some rich fuel for quick stoking. This would also start to depleat a bit first, before switching to store.

This implies that before we can expect to burn fat, to any large amount, we need first to pass through hunger. This is not consistent with the "hungry? then eat" concept of today. In the previous times, it was "hungry? to bad, wait until dinner" or the next meal. Not only do we to pass through hunger, but we also need to use up a bit of glycogen. Hunger is just fuel signalling. We should treat it as such, rather than something to avoid.

Do seemingly small changes in philosophy add up to obesity of today? (together with abundance, salesmanship of the food industry, new novel food products, etc.)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

commercial prepared foods

I was out yesterday, and the day got away from me... long... time for lunch. So I wheeled into Safeway, got a bit of beef and bean salad... reasonable lunch... or so I thought. An hour later I was ravenously hungry... WTF.

Well, I have been eating fresh vegs and protein for lunch, so I did not think the quantities were out to much. But hunger what, not enough fat? but is it the sugar in bean salad?

It was about 150 grams, slightly more than a cup. Now how much sugar could it have? If we take sugar and vinegar and make a paste about as thick as the drippings, it is mostly sugar. So that is what is going on. Sugar and vinegar, not good for the diet or hunger.

I note that glucose and fructose can be absorbed at the rate of about 10 to 12 grams per minute... duh... that is 5 to 6 complete blood glucose exchanges, Sugar is 50% glucose, about 1 gram of glucose in the blood, so it is leaving the blood equally as fast. That take a lot of insulin. So when the sugar runs out, there is excess insulin, but why does it last so long?

No more prepared foods for me.

The other issue is doing a project that I have no interest in is not good. No enthusiasm makes the day long. Oh well, this could be the last of those, and it will soon be finished. Now what?

I thought when I retired, I would have lots to keep me busy, but along with the work went the desire to do much. Not what I expected. Today, I just do not care to do anything.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Banexorphin ... sounds like an organization dedicated to the removal of exorphin from the human food chain.

Exorphins are one of the primary causes of the obesity epidemic. There are being concentrated and added to processes food products right here in River City.  Yup, processed meat products. How about that. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Primary rules of weight loss

It look to me that there are two primary rules of weight loss, that must be followed for weight loss to occur. When I was losing, I was following, but not knowing why, or even a clear statement of the rules.

First, that the intake of exorphins must be near zero. This reduces hunger and cravings, possible compulsions as well. Exorphins are a group of proteins, that break to peptides, that trigger the feel good cycle, or simple food addiction, reward cycle (negative expression), or what ever we call it. Dairy products, wheat, artificial sweeteners, alcohol,  chocolate, sugar, fruits are the typical. This leads to appetite reduction, longer satiety, quicker satiation. There are only three things to adjust, quantity of food, actual food (quality) and frequency of eating.

The second is like unto it, no or very little acellular carbohydrate, for they trigger the fast storage rather than free energy available for use. These include sugar, wheat, grains, pastas and the like. Small amounts of starch occasionally may not be an issue for some. This keeps insulin low.

After these two are followed, it is possible to eat less food than we actually burn. Transgress either of the above rules, and all I can say is "I wish you good luck". There may be some who can, I have not yet met them.

Many diet "do these rules" due to avoiding or severely limiting dairy, cereals, starches, and fruits. We may individual have threshold limits for each of these, but I doubt that many have a threshold less than zero.  I hope I will continue to lose again, as the hunger is gone on day three. 


Exo ( exogenous ) + endorphins ( endogenous moprphins ):
exorphins are the brain's opiates that's found in food, outside the body -- maily in gluten-rich wheat and dairy-products. They contain opioid peptides-influencing endorphin-receptors. These peptides are physically addictive, causing dependence, asthma, obesity, apathy, ignorance and numbness. 
'Zombie food', is food high in exorphins that are responisble for food addiction and compulsive eating.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Nix Exorphins

In order to follow a diet, two things are necessary. No exorphins and no acellular carbohydrates. Once that occurs, calories or rather bio-available energy, calories minus non exercise thermogenenis, becomes the accounting for weight change. Now fat burning produces more non exercise thermogenenis than carbohydrate burning. The body then adjusts for the energy. something like this

But there is slop between wasting heat and conserving heat, but besides me cares. Hystorisis.


Exorphins are a group of chemicals that occur in food naturally or may be added which mimic endorphins, the pleasure hormone. In short, we like them, we want more of them, we crave more of them, we will seek them out, and consume them. We have little choice once we start. They come with a heavy dose of attached calories. Now, not everyone are susceptible to the same doses. Many of of us heavy people may be (are) hypersensitive to these.

Some food scientist recognised this and started to add these as flavour enhancers, and what do we have but people who act like they are addicted to specific foods. One is not enough. Cookies hold hands. Lay's potato chips use the marketing slogan, " I bet you cannot eat just one."

But there are also naturally occurring exorphins, in wheat, dairy products, nuts, chocolate, and likely elsewhere.   These are substances that no one trying to get lighter should be consuming. Could these be one of the causes of the obesity epidemic?

Kris has the what figured out but not the why, or he is not saying.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Butter Addiction Net Research


Pieces of milk and wheat proteins (peptides) can act like the body's own narcotics, the endorphins, and were described by Zioudro, Streaty and Klee as "exorphins" in 1979. Other food proteins, such as gluten, results in the production of substances having opiate- (narcotic) like activity. These substances have been termed "exorphins." Hydrolyzed wheat gluten, for example, was found to prolong intestinal transit time and this effect was reversed by concomitant administration of naloxone, a narcotic-blocking drug. Digests of milk proteins also are opioid peptides. The brain effects of exorphins may contribute to the mental disturbances and appetite disorders which routinely accompany food-related illness. The possibility that exorphins are addictive in some people is a fascinating lead which needs further exploration.
Another mechanism, similar to dependency on food-derived neuroactive peptides such as exorphins, would be a dependency on gastrointestinal peptides, released from the bowel during digestion. Deficiencies in the bowel production of regulatory addictive peptides, such as endorphins, would likely be associated with cravings and compulsions to increase food ingestion. Eugenio Paroli reviewed the peptide research, especially the link between food and schizophrenia. He suggested: "The discovery that opioid peptides are released by the digestion of certain food has followed a line of research that assumes pathogenic connections between schizophrenic psychosis and diet."

Even OZ says food addiction is real. Butter is one he lists.
Sorry: this reference is bogus, as I found after publication, but the effect is real if we believe other sources.

Pinterest lists addicting food receipts include all of my banned substances.

The solution is no butter, excess fats, just meal and vegetables including potatoes without fats. When I get to skinny, then I may relook at it if that is a word. Just like suctacular.

So these exorphins turn on our desire to eat, and are found in milk, milk products, and wheat. No diet needs them, once we are eating well. No adult anyway, unless underweight. When did I last see an underweight healthy person? several years I think.    

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Can butter addiction occur

Can butter addiction occur, or is just another calorie driven, psychological craven, compulsion driven urge?

Milk, in the raw form digestion causes a weak opioid peptide to form, likely to assist the young to feed. That is a protein, so does that opioid get concentrated in modern butter?

When I took butter back into my diet, it was a fat, and it did not call to me. Now it is calling, as are nuts. Perhaps I should eliminate butter and take up some starches. There is no real facts to work with. Lots of opinion, but no facts. If it is a bacteria driven conversion to opioid, it would make sense that as the bacteria ratio changes due to eating butter, the concentration of opioid bacteria could increase and cause a problem. The hunger, and craving could be bacterial in nature, a real cause. Perhaps a few days of no fats could remove the problem.

Or is it just an appetite stimulus?