Monday, December 30, 2013

Resistance Starch

Bifidobacteria like resistant starch (RS),
so when we eat resistant starch, 
we grow more bifidobacteria.  
So what is so special about bifidobacteria? 
Well, they convert RS into a keytones and 
short-chain fatty acids such as butyrate
It is also suggested that these seeded bacteria 
also change other carbohydrates into similar, 
increasing the fat to carbohydrate ratio of the diet. 
The bacteria eat the glucose and convert it into fat, 
reducing the need for insulin. 
OK, if you's say so.

But I can see that if we increase the amount of any 
bacteria by supplying a steady source of their preferred food, 
the relative amount of them will increase.
So N=1 is the only way to test.
Other N=1 seem to indicate success. 
Perhaps a shake of Bob's Red Mills potato starch on things.

Will that reduce hunger? Expect nothing with regard to cravings.

But what do I know?
Be well, eat real food, breath deeply,
smile easily, and enjoy what life has to offer.


Saturday, December 28, 2013


5;30 AM, not sleepy, woke up thirsty.
This was after the 4.30 furry alarm went off,
cheeky fox in the back yard ...
 " my back yard, let me chase him away."
-22 this AM, after a -5 yesterday AM and +5 high.
Oh well, it is end of December, but the days are getting longer.
That 7 week lag in the seasons is a drag.
Christmas bullshit is finally over, now comes new year crap.
Ain't apathy just wonderful. But new years is coming.

I was a pre-diabetic for years now.
This AM I stuck my finger and posted 6.9.
I guess that makes me an unofficial diabetic.
I knew it was coming.
That also explains why I was struggling with hunger,
 and also gaining weight.
I guess this means closer control, and even less carbs.

Reviewing what I ate yesterday,
it was lower carb, but not low.
Perhaps 100 gms, and too much cranspicy pork chops;
good but it contains HP sause; contains some sugar,
and then dried cranberries, aka more sugars.
This BG issue, oh well, I know it was coming.
The thirst in the mornings after higher carb days.
The keytones on my breath.
Well, I was in ketosis, but perhaps not so much as I thought.

I need to take up a sport of some kind.
Perhaps I will go look at archery in the new year.
Fire of shafts of wood at 40 or 50 metres per second
at straw targets at different distances.
Sounds exciting. Enough for now.

Be well, eat real food, breath deeply,
smile easily, and enjoy what life has to offer.

Friday, December 27, 2013

White Poison, Sugar

So has the ADA seen the light?

There is no doubt that sugar is essentially poison,
so why is it so hard to give up and then to keep clean?

Sugar kicks up dopamine, and opioids.
Wheat and other acellular carbohydrates do the same.
Wheat is a dirty one,
it also brings a few opioids to the table,
just to be sure of consumption.

That are the chemicals that say we like that and we want more.
That is the reward system, (another negative definition).
Short term we want more.
Our lizard part of mind does not concern it's self with anything but short term, now.
It has survived for millions of years like that.
It and I have never had to adapt to excess.
Our higher level human brain says little,
it does not come into the picture until
we actually think about what we are consuming,
and think long term.

Where is our mid level brain in all this? Out to Lunch?

But what do I know?
Be well, eat real food, breath deeply,
smile easily, and enjoy what life has to offer.

Monday, December 23, 2013

the twelve objects

Buddha or was it Dao or one of that bunch did a talk about the twelve objects of a finger pointing at the moon. I beleive those concept need a bit of air time.

Consider a finger pointing at the moon. The intent is to draw others attention to the moon, yet, upon analysis, there are at least twelve different objects. In the real realm there is the finger, the action of pointing, and the moon. In the realm of the handles to these objects, there are the words, finger, pointing, and the moon. Do we relate to the object or the word, but regardless the word is an object.

For each real object, there is a mental object residing in the mental realm, that is a separate object, but related to the real object. It is these mental objects that we each relate to, not the real, and that raise the problems. Each of us have different mental objects and different handles for the real object. That is the nature of mental objects, the reside only in each individuals mind. They are different.

There in lies the difficulty of communications when we get to complex subjects. It is a wonder that more is not misunderstood. There dozens of handles for each real object, dozens of mental objects that are similar, some slightly different, and then there are at least two separate minds that have been exposed to different paths and learning. Most of what we know has been learned through discussion, not first person learning. It is approximate at best.

Consider overeating: the overeater has three possible reasons:
they do not have control over eating, they want to overeat, they do not care. What other alternatives are there?

Now anyone who has tried to lose weight knows that only one is possible, they do not have control over there eating. Does anyone? I doubt it, but there are many who claim to have control. Anyone who is totally rational may have; sociopaths, psychopaths, and Spok likes. The remainder of us need to gain cooperation of our physical bodies, not be hungry or craving, to be able to "manage our eating".

Oh well, what do I know. Be well, breath deeply, smile easily, and enjoy what life has to offer.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cues and Priming

Cues, eating cues that is, are events or happenings that cue us to desire food. Pictures of food on web sights and TV food commercials  are of the worst for me. Smell is bad for some. High aromatic editable products that I do not consider to be food, wheat products, pizzas, chocolate, are not an issue for me, but I understand for some are a major problem.

Time and location are two more cues that can be an issue. Habit, at 12 noon we eat lunch. But breakfast was late today. It does not matter, at 12 noon we have lunch. Process thinkers. You all know the type. The plan, tradition, the process controls their actions, not logic. Oh well, they happen.

Now on to priming. Priming can be seen as the effect of a taste. We want more. Appetisers. You know that part. But what about after the meal. We can still taste what ever. That also is another incident of priming. Teeth cleaning right after a meal can put an end to picking. Now if I pick, the cost has increased. Pick and I will have to go clean my teeth again. Minor arbitrary rule, but rigorous honesty forces the issue. I need to comply with this arbitrary rule. One less opportunity to eat.

Be well, breath deeply, smile easily, and enjoy what life has to offer. Daoish.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Parents (consolation)

Biologically, we are promised parents. Not good parents, or even present parents. There are no tests required, no licencing, no prior approval. If we are lucky, we survive childhood, and leave home. I was born postwar, and quire an number of the kids I knew did not make it to high school graduation, and quite a few died shortly thereafter. Oh Well, we are all mortal and must die sometime.

Childhood could have ended much worse. I did not buy the farm when offered, I narrowly missed that leg hold trap. I was not sold into slavery, as were some, when they bought there fathers farm. One was miserable in life until he expired in his early 40's, mainly from overwork.

We were not exposed to parish, although at time that place was so cold that I had to do my homework with pencil by coal-oil lamps. Ink froze. Oh well, there was the heat of summer and the mosquitoes.

We were poorer that the neighbours, but they had debts. I survived and left. The point is we are born of parents who control our life for the early years. At some point we need to go our own way, make our decision and have our own failures. We cannot allow our poor learning of life skills drag us down forever. We must take responsibly, change as necessary, do what is necessary, and parents just need to live with the results.

We may have delusions of what parents should be; they may have delusions of what their children should be. Delusion, all delusions, expectations, are at the root of much of the mental distress we suffer. Let them go, as the buddha suggested.

Be well, breath, smile, and enjoy what life has to offer. Daoish.

Friday, December 13, 2013

another damn peptide

In humans, stress causes increased food intake in one subset of the population and conversely causes decreased food intake in another; why some people lose weight and other gain weight is not yet well understood. 

Perhaps more of the normal distribution effect within a population?
Same curve as below but different application.
The organism is not adapting to it's environment. Humans are big on adjusting our environment, not ourselves. Perhaps there is need of a manual on how to adjust ourselves to a the bullshit stresses we face each day, beyond "that guy sure has a big problem". 

Our capacity for self-control has not shrunk; instead, the changing conditions of our modern world have pushed our limits to such an extent that more and more of us are simply no longer up to the challenge.

This actually provides a clue... change my thinking to deal with shit... who's problem is it.. that asswhole (whole ass) has a problem... stoic division of control and therefore responsibility... personal values priority list... etc... that's not food... No sgo6eeh...

and where patients become revenue sources for doctors.

What is it all coming too?
Be well. Breath, smile and enjoy what life has to offer. Ignore the rest. Dao.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Or is the conclusion just wrong?

Sharma points out
Or is the conclusion just wrong, or pointing to the cause of overeating?

Is overeating a stress ... aggravation ...negative feeling...coping method or an ego protection method?

We live with stress, perhaps it is time start causing stress in the food industry people instead? My call for action... Quit buying sugar in all forms, wheat and other grains in all forms, all processed food, all ketchup ... to get back at Heinz for closing there Ontario plant.

Is it time to take action against artificial food additives and products? Stop buying them. Through sugar and wheat products out... simple... make a loud statement against evil sugar and acellular carbohydrates.

Eat real food.

But what do I know. Breath, smile, and enjoy the marketing circus. Dao.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Diet and Logic

Is it likely that our human bodies would make and store energy in forms that are not good for us?

My answer to idiots like (not the bloggers, but the subject people),

We cannot store much carbohydrate, so we convert it to largely saturated fats. That is the end of whether saturated fat is an issue or not for me.

Carbohydrates, on the other hand, must be fresh and in limited amounts to control blood glucose. High blood glucose is not good, and is lowered by insulin and raised the liver. We can let our liver control it from the bottom end by simply not feeding on much carbohydrate.

Chicken is not satiating like beef. Look at the "duration of satiety to calorie ratio", to select diet friendly food. If a meal keeps me satiated for 4 hours, and has 300 calories, that is 75 calories per hour. As I sleep for 8 hours, I need to be satiated for 16 hours. 16 x 75 = 1200, aka a good meal for weight loss.

It is not the food, it is the willingness to follow the diet that becomes the issue.

Be well. Breath, smile and enjoy what life offers. Ignore the remainder. Dao.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cues and Crap

Why do so many "weight loss" blogs put food pictures or eating cues on each page?

They do understand how to turn people on to the desire to eat? You bet they do. So why do they do it? Evil bastards. You can't (should not) eat this and we will tempt you. Typical family where one is on a diet. Evil bastards. I grew up with an evil sister, in an evil home. What chance did I have, until I understood that they were just naturally evil.

Yoni got me to respond thus: The typical eating disorder has a psychological or philosophic (belief & values) issue of some kind. Until that problem is identified and corrected, the client will just struggle; until the problem is mostly resolved a dietitians time is mostly wasted.

It was not until I became willing to understand that I must not listen to many others who are pushing consumption of evil food products, sugar, processed carbohydrates, oils, trans-fats, and the like I came to a place that I could get near normal. It is likewise that I learned to filter the bull-shit received from PHD's and doctors. The only diet that is useful is the one I can stay on. I need fats, real meats, and the like. End of.

And now the crab:
The first step in recover is to stop reading in something that is not there. The second step is to get a life. Peta is a group of idiots who put their emotional driven views above human health with their no meat stance. No human population lived naturally with no meat.

Then, no shit Sheerluck. We like sugar more than satiation, or satiety, also. Let me see S. Yokum, is he not one of Kesslers disciples. More fat and sugar chocolate milkshakes. Hyperpalatable foods.  

Then there is the issue that language is such a dull, blunt way of communication, but it is the best we have. Nobody listens anymore to much. Too much stimulus. We need physical work, and much of the problem would go away. But what do I know. Breath, smile, and enjoy what life has to offer. Ignore the remainder. Dao.